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Private (NSW) - 28/07/09 - Victoria Celine




It's hard not to notice when a new working girl appears as a participant on these forums. With their words they can gain or lose my interest in them very quickly, at least as a potential client, which is not always what they are necessarily after.




In a punter-skewed forum like FIA, sometimes a female avatar can do much more good than words. AndyJ, like many others, is a very superficial character, he likes good looks, he likes to know where to find them, he likes value for money. For any girls wishing to attract AndyJ as a client, they'll have a good chance if they look good and offer a great service for a price AndyJ can afford. As for the content of their posts, giggling and smilies will do. In defence of AndyJ's superficiality, I can say that he's not here to find a girlfriend, he's not here to find spiritual connections nor friends, because AndyJ is just one angle of a much more complex person who sees to all those other needs somewhere else, whether he manages to fulfill them or not.


When I see a WL trying to somehow cater for things I wouldn't be looking for here, not only that's a turn off as a client but it triggers my alarms in general. I know I should only worry for myself but I'm only human after all.


However, from time to time, you see some girls who apart from clearly and honestly admitting their purpose in the forum, they tick all the boxes on AndyJ's wish list. And on top of it, their words cut through all the bullshit. Sharna of Melbourne and Eve Forever come to mind. They were masters of achieving their objectives like someone swimming untouched in shark-infested waters. Despite AndyJ's superficiality, both girls got blind bookings from me. Hey, I am not claiming that as their biggest achievement but they were just some of the few capable of attracting me with their sexiest asset, their minds.


Time goes by and enters Victoria Celine in her guise of Celine Noir. She sounded as direct as intelligent, as young as individualistic. On her first avatar, she looked as beautiful as cold. Somehow, I could see that VC was far from being an open book and at the best of cases, she'll only let you a quick flick through the pages, but the book is not for you to read. I'm happy with the very mysterious and beautiful cover though. That, she'll let you see, and observe, and study, watch again… maybe even draw on it but I suspect that's about it. It suits me perfectly fine.


When I found out that Victoria Celine was moving up to Sydney, I put everything in motion to see her. She hadn't even worked out her prices yet, so I may have profited of getting there early. She told me that she would be happy to see the infamous AndyJ and we just made it happen.


More or less at the agreed time, and despite one missing digit from the phone number I had stored on my mobile, I was knocking at VC's door.




Now, if you've read my preamble maybe you have formed a picture of her, which may correspond to her online persona but that, in fact, does not translate automatically, at least not in a clearly visible way to the person I had in front of me. Apart from the fact that none of the pictures she has used, clearly do justice to her beauty, I may have expected a more serious and intense person but that wasn't quite the case. Maybe that's something I managed to see on some of the flicking pages I mentioned before. But, continuing with the book analogy, at least the cover was even more beautiful, classier, friendlier and much more welcoming than what I had imagined.


She is tall for a girl, around 180 cm and much more in high heels. Very pretty face with sparkling blue/green eyes, high cheek bones, inviting lips and long dark hair. A lean size 8 to 10 with B cup breasts and smooth alabaster skin (Apparently, someone told her that for being in Sydney, she needs a tan, but VC, if you are reading, bollocks to that!) :)


After sharing a drink and a nice introductory chat, I opted for a quick shower and after that, Victoria Celine and I locked our lips for some very passionate DFK. In the meantime, my hands helped her undress; getting rid of my towel was much easier, but we didn't let anything disrupt the pashing while we got rid of her clothes. We moved to the bed where my kisses gradually moved down her body. It happens that VC is very sensitive down there and even while very silently (this girl is certainly not into theatrics) a convulsion indicated that she had crossed the line. My tongue was complimented and rewarded with more kissing until Victoria Celine decided to reciprocate with some very wet and warm oral on me. By now Little AJ had certainly joined the party and willing to slide in between VC's butt cheeks. Her smooth and sensual whiteness had him coming on her back not long after, which I think took her by surprise.


After cleaning the mess, Victoria Celine took a look at Little AJ and upon visual evidence, she asked me if I was able to keep going straight away; to which I responded affirmatively (show off! ;))… I wasn't that sure if I was able to come a second time but I was more than curious to see how VC felt inside.


So, the main course started with some cowgirl and some deep impaling. After a while, I found it only gentlemanly to offer myself to do the work, and so we switched to doggy and caterpillar after it, which allowed for more kissing. As I started getting tired and sweaty, I pulled out for more Italian sliding on that lovely skin of her butt yet I managed to cross the line with some hand assistance and lots of pashing.


After that and a bit of relaxing recovery, we took a shower together and soon after I was kissing Victoria Celine goodbye until the next time. I am very curious to see how this young lady goes in her newly adopted city. If you've read my review, I don't need to tell you that I had a great time. Moreover, I think everyone who sees Victoria Celine will see a slightly different cover on that beautiful book I compared her with, yet for most, the mystery inside is likely to remain the same.


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