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Gateway Club - 24/07/09 - Chase




Friday night, it's parlour trawl night with MadMick. We are the terror of the receptionists, a breed of punter who's very picky, makes lots of questions and, unsatisfied, keeps going to the next parlour. Just by showing up together, they even recognise both of us, even if one of us has never been in that place before.




Well, in all fairness, I think this is only the second time we've done the rounds together and we are not that picky. The previous one finished with MadMick staying at Stiletto and I going home; this one saw me staying at the Gateway Club, but MM even stayed there, partly waiting for me, partly hoping that some lass would arrive and entice him to book her, but it wasn't to be.


The truth is that we've been spoilt by the private offer out there. Their looks, their service, their flexibility. Having such a good time at a parlour is not very likely; you need to be either very lucky or become someone's regular (and still be lucky too). No wonder this has been my first visit of the year to a parlour in Sydney. The names of the outer West parlours we visited before the Gateway Club shall remain anonymous. However, the line-up at the very first one was pretty bad (you never know if a coincidence or something more endemic). Things were slightly better at the second one, yet not enough to tempt us; and at the third place, that looked very desolated, the girls scared us away with their extras.


From reading the title, you know already that I saw Chase at the GC. By far the most attractive (and friendly) girl we got to see until then. A fact acknowledged by MM and I to each other. He was extremely generous and let me pick her to put an end to my parlour draught.


Now, how do I go about writing a review about this kind of session and still be fair about it? Frankly, if I am to err I'd rather be seen as complacent and not as unfairly harsh. But regardless of my subjective view, Chase happily answered our questions and she didn't mention extra charge at any stage.




Chase is a girl in her 30s (or so I guess), and she has a great curvy figure. Judging by her waist alone, I'd say she's a size 10, but her boobs and bum probably expand that to a size 12 because both things are obvious assets. Her boobs (probably enhanced) are DDs or thereabout. She has a very pretty face with great green eyes. Her dark hair in a Cleopatra style was probably a wig (a good one yet did not want to pull in order to check). However, one could guess that she was naturally blond underneath. She was wearing a very sexy dress that emphasized her shape. Add a very friendly personality and I was sold.


I only went for a 45 min. session. After a quick health inspection and shower, Chase was waiting for me on the bed. I approached her and we started kissing. At the beginning it was just lip-kissing but gradually evolved to DFK.


From that I went down on her for quite a while actually, I tried the aid of one finger too. I think she did enjoy it but due to time constrains I had to move on before taking her over the line (plus I had the somewhat logical suspicion that she wouldn't let it happen anyway). A bit more of kissing and before she could put the condom on me, I went for some Italian sliding on her buttocks. Now, either someone has been reading my reviews or her firm bubble butt (and firm it is indeed - gym-assisted) gives guys the idea. She said it was a very popular request. She applied a generous dose of lube and off I went for a very enjoyable moment of the session.


Then, on with the rubber for a CBJ (did not ask if BBBJ was on offer but something told me to keep the question to myself - first visit I'm still shy!). Well, the blowjob was okay but not great, not sure if she counted on the reflection on the mirror (which is where I got to see the action), but the way she positioned her head did not allow for the best direct view and all was a bit up and down, up and down, if you know what I mean. So, I asked her to jump on top and that worked much better while I played with her nice boobs.


When it was time to change we did it to doggie and after a while we went flat for the happy caterpillar finale. Now, that rubber was so thick it was not funny, say that her fleshy bum kept me horny and hence I crossed the line with no trouble.


In the little time we had left we have a nice chat; she's a very funny and lively girl. I suspect that a second visit could generate a better experience even when this one was pretty good as an introductory one. :)



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