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Private (NSW) - 03/07/09 - Melissa Minova




I think that towards the end of last year I left on holidays owing you a review of the ever-lovely Melissa Minova.




Generally, there is no real reason to keep reviewing the same girls except when a major change has taken place, and so happened with Melissa towards the end of last year. From blonde she went to brunette and from sporting a natural set of B's she went to parade an enhanced set of D's. On top, I remember that session as the best I had had with her from the many we had last year. However, back then, Little AJ and I were already browsing South American escort guides and looking so ahead to some foreign mischief that I only posted a line to let people know about the changes and Barnerstormer did the honours with a proper review.




A few months ago, during my last session with Amber J Lee, we both plotted to get Melissa for a threesome. Both girls had met briefly previously and the potential to send me to the grave was certainly there. They do have very similar bodies, particularly after their respective boob enhancements; very similar shape and natural appearance. Both were gifted by nature (and the local gym) with absolute marvelous derrieres, and for a butt admirer like myself that's a killer attribute. But life had other plans for the legendary AJL.


Never mind, Melissa is still there for your pleasure and even when doubles look great in front of a mirror, I love the intensity of one-on-one sessions more than anything else. Well, they say everything happens for a reason, because the session I had on Friday with Melissa was even better than the aforementioned one; so, if I made you wait a bit longer before telling you about the all new and improved Mel, I'll make it up to you with a higher level of raunchiness. smile.gif


I've seen Melissa practically since she left Stiletto, and I've been witness of the changing curve in her service, which albeit always good and always different to what she could have offered at that establishment, it has gotten better and better. I'd be absolutely delusional if I was to go to Stiletto or any other parlour for that matter, expecting the same degree of intimacy and personalised service. Now, there is a problem with Melissa or maybe the problem is mine, or it belongs to both of us. We love talking to each other. We don't see each other that often, but we share an interest in common: the Sydney adult industry. So when we meet, I could chat a booking away. Thankfully she's always been very generous and has allowed some extra time beyond the stipulated booking time. But on this occasion, I was ready not to let it happen. I was ready to step into her apartment, walk in like a tough guy, grab her first by her waist, and while pashing her, I'd let my hand help itself to her sweet bum and tell her: "We'll chat later, pretty face; now let's fuck". I was even wearing my tough guy hat (well, actually more like a schoolboy binnie but imagination goes a long way… if I turn it around it may look tough enough).


I guess I don't even need to tell you what they say about the best laid plans of men and mice. Thankfully, I left the mice at home because they would've been very disappointed.


Knock, knock!… the door opened and Melissa greeted me, all nicely dressed up with an outfit that accentuated her lovely curves, all dolled up with make-up. So the greeting kiss was a shy little peak on the lips; how could I ruin the lipstick? "Here you go" and so I handed her the box of chocolates I had bought for her. "Would you like some red wine?" she asked. "Of course, that would be lovely" I replied. And so we sat to chat like we always do while sharing the wine and the chocolates. I'm sure we left quite a few topics not fully explored but there will always be another chance to do so. smile.gif




For the record, or for whomever has chosen to skip the above. Melissa is exactly as she describes herself on her website: "Brunette - Blue eyes - 5' 5" - D cup bust - 27 yrs - Size 8". Now as a brunette, her eyes look bluer than ever. What she does not dedicate much literature to on her site is her hard bubble bum (don't think big bubble, think curvy bubble)… Poems could be written about it and I reckon you could crack walnuts with it, very handy now that it's winter. tongue.gif




After a quick shower, Melissa was waiting for me in the bedroom in some very nice lingerie. She had moved the wine and the chocolates too, that we kept enjoying throughout the session.


Very cheeky, she dispossessed me of my towel while Little AJ was still in a minimalistic mood. But after some pashing, Melissa knew that a little bit of contact with her butt cheeks would start waking him up. And so she did. Little AJ began rising to the occasion but I had to undress her, or partially undress her, I'm not sure, but I have the feeling that one stocking remained on for most or all of the session. After more DFK, Melissa decided to give proper attention to Little AJ. I decided to put myself comfortable and simply lie there and watch while she gave me some very nice and wet oral; she also gave some good attention to the whole region.


I decided to return the favour, yet I would stay in my starfish position while she sat on my face for some Queening DATY. It doesn't take much to get Melissa working this way, and when she was satisfied with the amount of tongue work I gave her, she came with a clever plot to get me out of that position; she showed me a condom! I jumped and said "No way!"… It was just a ploy to get me up. She knew very well that there was a very important ritual missing before we got to proper intercourse: The all mighty hotdog manoeuvre (aka Italian sliding).


Melissa had some cocoa oil to apply before putting the bits into motion. And in motion they got like the wheels of a train. She just have the perfect shape for that, and even if I said it in my original review, I'll repeat it here: she works me out with her powerful buttocks with ease of a hand. This turned her on big time, not to mention that it turned me on big time too. After that, Little AJ, wasn't looking little any more.


When the time for proper intercourse arrived, we kicked off with some caterpillar, not sure why, as that's my finishing position (and I knew we'd be doing that twice). So, I asked Melissa to switch to cowgirl, and she rode me as if we were in Texas until she brought my torso up and we both remained sitting while still shagging. Interesting position, not part of my usual repertoire but great to have another one to write about. From that we moved to doggy and soon after back to caterpillar. However, as the condom was feeling so thick and the memory of how we started was still so vividly good, I pulled out, removed the rubber and off I went on top of Melissa's butt cheeks and came on her back.




Even if Little AJ was still in party mode after that, I knew that was it for me, and we just stayed in bed finishing the wine until it was time to put my tough guy hat on and face the coldness of the night out there… with a wide, silly smile across my face.


The photos that you see here were not taken by me but they are 100% authentic and they are used with kind permission of Melissa. smile.gif


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This brings back some memories of my bookings (only a few unfortunately) with Melissa

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