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Bedroom Eyes - 26/06/09 - Brooke




AndyJ celebrates his 10,000 post! (on FIA)


Due to a period full of unfortunate events that have kept the moderators busier than ever, it was almost without warning that I noticed that my post count was getting close to five digits. Beyond the honour of being the first single user name to get there (as DeeJay/FIA Admin have already in aggregate form), it is a bit scary really when you think about it, but I believe all reflections on the topic ought to be part of another thread, as the spotlight here should really shine on a lovely young lady.




However, the reason of me mentioning the above, is that in my guise of moderator not always I have a choice as the type of post I make or action I take. When I think about why I have committed so much to FIA, the explanation always comes down to the fact that it wasn't a wishy washy forum; its philosophy was clear and simple: For Punters By Punters. Its biggest form of celebration: The Review!… and everything else that goes with it.


In fact, it probably meant more to me, at a personal level, when I posted my 100th review than hitting the symbolic 10,000th post milestone. Yet with it falling upon me, I thought such post couldn't be anything but a review, so I put everything in motion to make it happen. I didn't search for anything really out of the ordinary or beyond my comfort zone; I was happy to keep it simple. A young hot babe, a bottle of Moet et Chandon and me! :)


I thought that if I was going to Hell for having shagged young Jordan, I might as well see young Madeline or young Brooke from Bedroom Eyes, while the demons make some room in the cradle-snatchers circle for me. I went for Madeline and in the process of booking her, I had to let Macy and Alex know that I was in a hurry and why. Very understanding of my predicament, they arranged a booking for the following evening. However, young Maddie hasn't been feeling very well lately. In the morning they contacted me to let me know that she was out of action, and that my other option, Brooke, would only be available from Friday onwards, but very kindly they offered me some bonus time and a surprise if I was ready to wait two more days. So, if in the last few days you've seen me quieter than usual, that's why. I've been avoiding the 10,000th post!


Finally, the time arrived on Friday evening and I made my way to Brooke's hotel with a bottle of Champagne under my arm, a wise choice considering she cannot eat chocolates (just a tip to keep in mind if you see her and feel like taking something with you). A group of people came up in the lift with me to the same floor, and being the room just opposite it I had to wait for them to disappear before I could knock the door. You never know what these young lasses could be wearing. I pretended I was sending a text message and when everything was clear I finally knocked.


The door opened and Brooke greeted me in a nice office style outfit (so my precautions were probably unfounded).




Brooke is the girl on the photographs so that makes her quite easy to describe. For the record, she is also as described by the Bedroom Eyes' website: "Brooke, 19yrs, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 165cm, 52kg, 12D bust (100% Natural) and yes gents she is waxed!"… Okay, I didn't weight her nor did I measure her but it sounds pretty accurate to me.


Picture 1.png


She does have some interesting tattoos, non-intrusive ones. I think the tattoos suit her or at least add a bit of mystery to what otherwise is a very typical-looking Aussie babe. Her body is actually gorgeous and if you like boobs, you'll be in Heaven with her natural DD pair. She is probably more petite than what you'd imagine.


When Brooke saw the bottle of Moet, she asked me if I was celebrating something. She obviously knew that there was more to my booking than meets the eye; however I told her that I was only celebrating meeting her. Not a good idea to talk about reviews at that stage. Instead we popped the cork and had a bit of a "getting to know you" chat while sharing the champagne. At the first pause I excused myself and went to have a shower. After a very quick one (had had one at home anyway) we started kissing standing next to the bed. The kissing gave way to proper DFK and Brooke pushed me to the bed, with her falling on top of me as the pashing continued for quite a while actually. Brooke still dressed was sitting and bouncing a bit on Little AJ; gradually without wanting to interrupt that, I managed to get rid of her clothes and my towel and I got on top. I started alternating between lips and nipples. She seems to have very sensitive ones and she liked to be kissed there. After some of that, I kept going down for a long and very wet DATY session. She has a very pretty and fresh pussy with small labia, just how I like them. I got the distinct impression that she did enjoy that to completion. She then returned the favour with some nice oral on me. Her mouth was very warm and wet, and therefore, felt pretty good.


Picture 3.png


After that, we added a bit of lube and on with the Hotdog manoeuvre (aka Italian sliding), which I don't know if she knew but she went on along very enthusiastically. Apart from her perfect set of tits, she does have a great butt and this certainly helps. Little AJ in between her butt cheeks at one end and us pashing each other at the other. If I didn't come then it only was because I didn't want to leave without knowing how it felt inside her. The answer: wet, warm and tight! Therefore, the actual intercourse did not go for very long, even if we had the time to go through cowgirl, doggy and caterpillar for the explosive finale. After a few minutes of resting on top of her, it was time for the final shower. However, she told me that she had a surprise for me from Macy and everyone at Bedroom Eyes. After the sexual fireworks, I had honestly forgotten about "the surprise", but that's when Brooke handed me the cake and lovely card you see here. Something completely unnecessary but much appreciated anyway. So thank you Macy, Alex and everyone from BRE when you read this. Chocolate cake was almost as yummy as Brooke! :D




Brooke strikes me as a very enthusiastic and indulging girl; it may require for you to spend a few minutes chatting with her beforehand, but she has a very outgoing personality so this will be easy. She'll show initiative in the bed but at the same she's very receptive to your ideas if you want to lead, and given her young age, I'd suggest you to; as I said, she seems more than happy to oblige and indulge.



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