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Bedroom Eyes - 30/05/09 - Jordan



Okay ladies and gentlemen, I'm going straight to Hell for this one. During my occasional dealings with the lovely Macy, she gave me an advance preview of one of her new girls, soon to be introduced on FIA (yet take this a big spoiler). Her name is Jordan and when I saw her pictures, temptation was too big to resist.


Jordan 5.jpg




I generally don't actively seek to shag 18 yo girls but I don't avoid them either; it's just a matter of case by case. Jordan not only is 18 but she looks even younger. However, she has a cheeky personality that will outdo many parlour girls over twenty.


I have to admit that Madeline's photos had originally tempted me big time but as I know I can always get there, I decided to explore review-virgin territory. Jordan's photos, particularly those small firm buttocks of hers did the trick for me. We tried to coordinate bookings with a fellow pervert, so we could have a beer and swap notes afterwards but it couldn't be this time. After all, it's a bit like going to a parlour together, but only better.


On the day of the booking Alex from Bedroom Eyes, got in touch to let me know that Jordan had dyed her hair brown, and I think they were a bit worried about my reaction because I had mentioned to them that I'm a sucker for blondes. Still the same girl from the pictures though, and after all, how many different hair colours had I experience with the likes of AJL in the past? So all was good. Just made sure that her eyes were still blue though.


The location of the booking was at a hotel in Haymarket and on my way there I pondered whether I should take some wine with me. However, I opted for buying Jordan some chocolates instead.




At the agreed time, I knocked at Jordan's door and this tallish cutie opened it with a cheeky smile on her face. Then she just jumped and gave me a big kiss that took me by surprise (even when I knew that Macy had told Jordan that her job was to shut me up if I wasted any time chatting). Anyway, who was I for not going with the plan? So, I pashed her back, as soon as I could deposit my umbrella and jacket on top of a chair. Let me tell you that these weren't shy little kisses but proper DFK.


Jordan 8.jpg


Now, Jordan, former blonde, from yesterday she sports neck length brown hair. She has huge blue eyes, a tiny nose and very nice lips; a very pretty face indeed. She is tallish, maybe around 175 cm, has perky B-cup breasts, and overall she may be in between a size 6 and 8. Her cute little firm buttocks are among her best assets as I had well predicted from looking at the photographs. But don't get me wrong, she is a real cutie overall.


I gave Jordan the chocolates and I went to have a quick shower. I noticed that by the time I got there, she already had enough chocolates to spend the whole winter, so next time, I may opt for a small bottle of wine. Anyway, when I finished the shower, Jordan was waiting for me in very nice lingerie; eventually we got rid of all the garments bar her stockings, that I asked her to keep on.


After continuing with more DFK (and in all honesty, I think she likes to kiss because the only moments we would stop that would be when our mouths found themselves beyond reach from each other), she went down on me for a nice oral and I certainly enjoyed that. Obviously I had to return the favour. So, I went down on that great, immaculately waxed and groomed nubile pussy of hers. I suspect she did enjoy that and made her wet. Following that, I introduced her to some Italian sliding that I seriously enjoyed (and she seemed to like it too). I think I introduced her to it but maybe that's just what I thought. LOL


For the main event we went through all the positions I like: cowgirl, missionary, doggy and caterpillar. Nice shag with lots of kissing where possible. I always leave caterpillar for the end as it's my favourite (in case you haven't worked it out by now!). A great time was had and I'll be back for more. Thank you to Macy and Alex for making everything so smooth for me (and of course to Jordan for all the fun) :)


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