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Six Star Models - 20/05/09 - Rebecca Toronto (NSW Tour)



I decided to give this girl a try. After all, saying that I was impressed by her photographs would be a bit of an understatement.




You know I'm a sucker for blondes and I'm also a butt lover, so Rebecca was an obvious choice. Setting up an appointment was easy and painless via e-mail and text messages later.


I have to say that the days preceding the booking, I was a bit nervous about it; I had the review of The Pumper to go by but I always keep the YMMV concept in mind. Luckily quite a few people who had attended the Melbourne FIA drinks had good things to say about Rebecca. At the agreed time I was knocking at the door of her centrally located hotel, which by the way has a great view of the CBD buildings, and also mirrored glasses that allow you to look out and not be seen by others.


Rebecca opened the door and greeted me. In a matter of seconds I could see that she was very friendly, and in a few minutes we where chatting away while sharing a bottle of wine and getting on really well; so, that and her sense of humour put a quick end to any nerves I may have had. We soon were pashing and undressing for the fun to start.




You've all seen Rebecca's photographs but just to give you my impression about her looks, she's a 27 yo hot blonde with green eyes; she has a tanned killer body with very fit athletic build. That would probably make her a size 9/10. She has a gorgeous set of natural C-cup boobs and a killer curvy butt. Her attractive face shows a slight resemblance to Kate Hudson.




The whole time I was there I kept wondering if people really couldn't see us from outside… not that I cared; actually, I was very amused by the opposite thought. Every touring girl seems to end up in some room with a great view, so nothing new there even when the proximity of the other buildings added a bit more of excitement this time. Once in bed, the pashing gave way to a very wet DATY session. She has a great, perfectly waxed and groomed pussy that I did enjoy big time.


What I enjoyed even more was going straight from that to more DFK while she kept teasing Little AJ. You can be sure I made that last a fair bit until she decided to give me a great blowjob that went for a very decent duration too, but what followed was even better. She sat on my pelvis for a faux cowgirl position which brought me very close to coming. Now, since all this foreplay had taken a fair amount of time, I knew I was up to only one shot last night and wanted it to be inside Rebecca… but before that, I wanted to do some Italian on her buttocks, and I certainly don't regret doing that. This girl is not shy and has a great control of her curves and what angles to position herself for that sort of thing.


On with the real intercourse and we went back to cowgirl which she seemed to like and was quite good at impaling herself. I started feeling guilty for seeing her do all the work, so we switched to doggy (unfortunately, no mirrors around but very enjoyable nonetheless). And finally down to some great caterpillar for the money shot.


After a brief recovery chat, I was on my way out. I was so shagged that I forgot my umbrella at Rebecca's hotel. Not a bad place to part company with it anyway. All in all, you'll find Rebecca's looks very enticing but her energy and her joy for sexual things will win you over. Quite commendable for someone who hasn't been doing this kind of work for very long.


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