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Private (NSW) - 16/05/09 - Heather D'Cruze




Following on a tip from a fellow pervert, I decided to give Heather a call and hook up for an hour on Saturday afternoon. Heather advertises on Cracker and you probably will hear more about her (She briefly went under a different name before). However, I'm yet to call anyone advertising on Cracker without getting some intel from some FIA reprobate first.




Heather's nice Darlinghurst flat is very easy to find. I got there a bit earlier than expected, which gave me the time to pick up a bottle of sparkling white wine (later I found out she prefers red, and actually so do I, but we did finish the bottle anyway).


I imagine that showing up before the agreed time is probably poor form, so I went for a walk down Kings Cross and I have to say that it has changed a lot lately. Fifteen years ago, you would've probably been able to spot a SW every twenty metres but all I saw yesterday was a pre-make up stripper heading into a club (typical track suit pants and big bag hanging over her shoulder; "I hate men yet love money" look on her face)


Five o'clock on the dot I was knocking the door at Heather's flat. Dressed very elegantly in a little black outfit and matching stockings, Heather opens the door and lets me in. I gave Heather the bottle of wine, and she told me that she liked me already. We popped out the cork and off we went for a getting to know you chat while sharing the wine. Now, give me a nice and friendly girl like Heather and I can chat a whole booking away, but luckily she is not a clock-watcher and none of this time shortened the sexual activity that took place immediately later.




Now before we get to the nitty gritty, Heather is blonde, a size 10/12, 27 yo and very close to the way she describes herself in her ad: "My best feature is my gorgeous, charming smile and pretty face. I have a curvy tanned body, size 10-12, with natural soft DD breasts. I have no body hair (lasered – so smooth), tattoos or piercings. My pictures are 100% genuine taken tonight all by myself. May I suggest if you are looking for a size 8, 18 year old then I am not for you."




I think her deep blue eyes are great. If I had to find someone who looks a bit similar, I'd say that she looks a bit like actress Jessica Napier. They have very similar eyes and after all, both of them are originally from New Zealand.


In contrast to the cold stripper I saw on the street, Heather admitted at some stage that she has always liked men, money and sex… and it shows, particularly the men and sex part, as her rates are very realistic all considered.


After pashing in the sofa, we moved to the bedroom where we got rid of any unnecessary clothes and remained in underwear. She jumped on top and off we went with a bit of cowgirl. Obviously the underwear started feeling more an obstacle than anything else, so we got rid of that as well. I went down on her for quite a while and before I realised she was soaking wet. Not sure if I took her over the line; I may have had by a little bit of shaking she did but she certainly enjoyed it.




After that it was time for the usual Italian sliding followed by some very nice oral on me until we moved onto the main course and cowgirl it was. Now, she does really go off and likes to watch the action on the mirror too. From that we changed to doggy and then to caterpillar. Unfortunately, not sure if it was because of the wine, I couldn't foresee coming anytime soon, and while Little AJ was happy to go on, I was tired and finished by hand while I kept playing with her bum at the same time, until the mission was accomplished.


After we finished, I had a shower, shared a last glass of wine and kissed Heather goodbye. For $300 p/h, she is a cheaper and more fulfilling experience that your average Stiletto punt, particularly service-wise.



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