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Last and Final Chapter Sex - Ray's Own Olympic Opening Ceremony



Today 08/08/08 is the Olympic Opening Ceremony but Ray is ahead of the pack. He gets his own lavish and big opening ceremony. And boy was it open for business.


Lauren is back in Perth and is back at the place where Episode 1 and Episode 2 were "shot." It brought back wonderful memories of my first meeting with her.


Lauren greets me in a sexy red lingerie set. Seeing her again made me realise how much fun she is and how much I miss her. Lauren told me that she had not had sex for a while. I asked how long? She said five days! LOL!!! I thought it was weeks... She is funny.


She goes to the fridge to get me a drink and I nearly wanted to ravish her right there but decided to do it in the proper venue since after all, this was my Olympics.


I followed up the stairs while gawking at her bum cheeks. I could swear it was smiling back at me.


Event No 1 - The Tease


Lauren bent over the edge of the bed to adjust something but I think it was a ploy to get me to grab her from behind. I took the hint, pull down her underwear and slapped her bottom.


Event No 2 - DATY challenge


Lauren flipped over and on to the bed. She raised her legs, spread them and beckon me down. I took up the challenge. My goal this time to to get Lauren across the finish line faster then ever before. As I was down there I remembered today's review of a lady in La Cherie. I gave thanks that Lauren was so nice and clean. In this event I think I got a bronze as there was an obstacle (in the form of my phone ringing) that hindered my progress. But soon the course was wet and ready and she crossed the finished line exhausted from the squirming and the use of her muscles.


Event No 3 - Getting The Pole Ready


In order to get ready for the last event, we had to get the pole ready. There wasn't much work there as the pole was already hard from the second event. Nonetheless Lauren proceeded to prime it with perfection. It went in deep, the outside was worked on and the tip was carefully coaxed.


Event No 4 - Going for Gold


When the pole was good and ready, Lauren said "So where are you going to stick that in?" I replied "Your ass?" "Get Fucked" she said. So that was the theme of things to come. The main event was filled with trash talk from Lauren, trying to put me off. She was telling me how she wanted me to do her and her friend Britney. All the dirty talk was too much as it didn't take me long. "You finished?" she said, with some dissapointment. What did you expect? The marathon? lol


Episode 6 came to a conclusion. I had so much fun with this lady, each time a bit different and each time getting to know her better.


It has been really enjoyable for me writing this episode. Like every show, it does come to an end. No doubt I will be seeing Lauren again and again but Episode Six will be the last.


Thank you for reading





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