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Chapter 4 - Naughty Lauren receives a spanking




Like I said.. always something different.


Lauren is back in town and Ray was her first booking. Well, at least that's I want to believe. Yes, she has new lingerie. Lauren's eyes looked bluer today and her body appeared hotter. It must be due to me doing too much staring (and fantasising) at her photos. Lauren offered me some champagne and we started chatting like two long lost lovebirds! We sat on the couch and one thing led to another. Before long, I had Lauren over my lap while I was still in my business attire.


I guess Lauren had been a naughty girl while she was away so I decided to spank that nice bubblebutt of hers. She appeared to enjoy it but I didn't spank her real hard, just enough. She asked me play with her naughty bits while I spanked her as it made her "excited."


Then I flipped her over and she showed me her beautifully manicured womanhood which I helped myself to to her completion.. Sort of CIM but in mine instead of hers!! She said she loved being naked and ravished by a fully dressed man.


We adjourned to the bedroom where it was my turn to get pampered by Lauren's French and we did some mathematics (namely 69.) Episode Four may have started different but all episodes end with a climax.


I must admit I have gotten to know Lauren very well and I feel totally comfortable with her and her with me.


She did check on the mirror before I left to make sure I did not leave a hand mark on her butt.





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