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Chapter 2 - Return of the Sting Ray



I did say in my last review that I was going to see Lauren again before she left. So today I made another booking to see the delectable Lauren.


There was no hassles with the booking, one SMS and the time was set. Now all that was left was the wait.


Lauren wore another set of sexy lingerie. As she led me up the stairways (to heaven) I could not help butt gawk. Yes, "butt gawk" is a new term. lol.


As Lauren was lying on the bed playing with herself for my benefit as I disrobe, I realise what a lovely body she has. It was almost perfect.


This time around, I think I lost all my inhibitions, thanks a large part to Lauren and her easy going and playful nature. I guess seeing someone more than once has its benefits.


The vibrator also came out and boy did she enjoy it and so did I.


Lauren is definitely not a clock watcher and she has no problems with sex in many positions and I am sure for as long as both of us enjoy.


Today was Lauren's last day in Perth but I think she may be back for Episode 3.. and 4.. and 5... Well, unless the show gets canned.




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