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Gotham City - 18/04/09 - Honey



While in Melbourne, or I should say right before traveling there, I got a tip from a very reliable fellow pervert, who knows the sort of girl and service I generally like. He recommended Honey at Gotham City to me.




I was doubtful about the odds of actually seeing this girl because between my punt-charged agenda and her roster it seemed a bit unlikely at first thought. However, since I couldn't get to see one of my regular girls this time, and Honey seemed to pop up on the Gotham City's roster just when I needed, I got ready to visit this parlour for the first time.


As I got prepared to go to South Melbourne, just as I was coming back from withdrawing some cash, I bumped into an FIA member who was doing a bit of punting himself, betting at a TAB agency, that is. As I walked in to say hi, he seemed to start looking for the hidden camera. What on Earth was AndyJ doing there? Well, what a sloppy screenwriter that God is who simply leaves this sort of things to chance! Quite a convenient encounter too because this knowledgeable punter pre-empted the nasty surprise that I would get by finding out that hourly rates are $50 more at night and even more during weekends.


As I was leaving him, I got a call from Steelmaster (as already narrated by him on another review) to let me know that he was more than impressed by Tia's looks at Melbourne Colosseum and that she would be out of a booking in five minutes. He arranged to pick me up at the Domain in South Melbourne and kindly volunteered to take me to Gotham City after meeting Tia. I have to say that Tia looks like a very sexy young lady, so much that she automatically became my plan B if Honey didn't show up at Gotham City or something went wrong.


We continued to Gotham City. Beautiful premises only lacking Stiletto's style minibars in the rooms (blame Victorian regulations for it). However, the good people at Gotham City come across as a bit too anxious for your money. If you want to walk into their lounge bar, you'll need to pay a small entry fee ($10 dollars I think). We refused to do such thing and asked for a private intro. They obliged but warned us that you only get to meet two girls from all the available ones that way. I asked if one of them could be Honey; luckily they said yes and we were escorted to the intro room.


The first girl was petite and Asian, pretty hot looking but I can't remember her name; the second girl was Honey, and what a Honey she was. Gotham City's website describes her in the following manner and they are 100% correct: "Honey is adorable; slim size 10 in her mid 20's Honey has the innocent girl next door look. She has beautiful soft features which compliment her personality. Honey is sweet and oh so nice but she certainly knows how to please and will be your devil in disguise".


I think that Steelmaster knew I was staying as soon as he saw the expression on my face at Honey's intro.




I said goodbye to Steelmaster, who remained for a bit in the lounge bar (hey, he didn't pay to get in!), went to arrange payment at reception and soon after Honey escorted me to the Egyptian room. She did a quick health check on me and asked me if I minded the mummy watching us, in reference to the one on the photo. I said it wasn't a problem for as long as she didn't want to join us and we both had a shower while we got acquainted with each other and revealed to her how I came to know about her.


Honey is indeed a type of girl I like, blonde, blue eyes, tallish, alabaster skin tone, fully shaven, natural B or C cups. She is also very softly spoken, which is a big turn on for me. She would make the perfect private school girl or the perfect Goth too (should she dye her hair black).


Once we finished drying ourselves, we started with some kissing that soon turned into DFK. Her kisses definitely have an aphrodisiac quality that keeps you coming for more. Despite that we managed to move to the bed where my kisses gradually moved from her mouth to her nipples and abdomen, finally ending on her pretty labia. There I remained for a very long while tasting the sweet honey straight out of the comb. Now, one of the things I like about Honey is that she seems to be visually aroused; she did enjoy watching me at work. It was a long while that my face spent in between her wet legs and she politely thanked me for it when I was done.


She then decided it was her time to kiss across my body and found delight on my ticklish nipples (I see a bit of sadistic potential in Honey but I'll let someone else to confirm it!) :) I turned Honey around and went for some Italian on her. She was happily receptive about it. Needless to say, I certainly enjoyed it too. As I was getting really worked out, she gave me some very nice oral, and then jumped on top and proper intercourse finally began after a long but great foreplay session.


Soon after we switched to doggy where Honey confirmed my suspicions about her being a voyeur by watching the action on the wall mirror, I thought that time was running out, so I asked to go flat on her tummy for a caterpillar finale where we continued kissing through my ejaculation (Hey, it's not as easy as it sounds because you do run out of air when that happens but it's great to push your limits in such an inviting way)


The buzzer went off pretty much simultaneously to that, so I didn't get to have too much of a post-coital chat with Honey, yet we managed a bit of chit chat during the final showers.


Overall, what else can I say? It has never occurred to me to visit Gotham City, and I think it's a place where you better go well informed and not to try your luck. But if that's what it takes to see a beauty like Honey, I'm very glad I did.


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