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The Grosvenor - 16/04/09 - Rebecca




Sometimes it's funny to go through my old reviews from when I first discovered FIA; they show a progression on my punting patterns, and the main difference between then and now, is that I used to visit parlours more often than now. I gradually discovered the allure and advantages of private liaisons, and my visits to houses of ill repute have become more infrequent.




But when I used to visit them a lot, I would mainly concentrate on repeat visits to the same girls (plus the odd blind punt here and there). One of those WLs I got to see many times was Rebecca, one of the four golden girls of The Grosvenor (Claire, Jane and Cristina being the other three). My enthusiasm for her has been expressed many times despite she is not a big fan of reviews. There was a time when I used to fit visits to Melbourne on my agenda, so I could see Rebecca. Mind you, I'm not the only one who has praised this girl, many other punters have too and deservingly so. Now, with the passing of time, and without really meaning to, Rebecca and I started seeing each other far less frequently than before. She started working less thanks to another job, and I met the Ambers, Sharnas and Taylors Melbourne has to offer. That's without counting their Sydney equivalents. So, the time to consider Rebecca a former regular had already come, of course not to her detriment but just as a result of practical circumstances.


After having some nice lunch with a small group of FIA fellow perverts, I happened to have the evening all to myself for a parlour trawl. Mind you, I had my private bookings already in place and looking forward to them, but this was a great chance to sample new flesh. One should not underestimate the excitement of talent scouting, even if more often than not, the results are a bit frustrating. By default I always head to Collingwood; old habits never die. Now, I called The G. and was told the daytime line-up when in reality, considering the time, I should've asked for the night one. I did so with Le Boudoir and I was told the name of Cherie. Okay, I've read good things about her from a few punters, plus I thought I had a recollection of her from an intro at Cromwell Heights once upon a time.


I got there and I was greeted by a receptionist I've never seen. I asked if Cherie was available, and she told me she was booked out. I met the other girls but they weren't my cup of tea. While waiting, I saw this nice blonde getting ready to go to a booking. So, before leaving I asked who was that for future reference. "That's Cherie"... okay I obviously remembered the wrong girl from Cromwell Heights, but this Cherie is a girl I would happily stay with too. The receptionist looked at me thinking I was crazy (I asked for Cherie and then didn't recognise her when I saw her). Never mind, I was out of there but Cherie looks nice, very nice.


A bit frustrated continued to The Grosvenor where I came across the best line-up in years over there (Thursday night for reference). Not only nice looking girls and friendly but willing to kiss and receive DATY, do whatever (except anal as usual). Two caused a great impression: Simone (for those who like sultry brunettes) and Shandi (for those who like blondes). As I had made my mind for Shandi; in walks Rebecca. Wow, what a mutual surprise! None of us was expecting to see each other. She aimed to get out of the intro room as quickly as possible but I called her back. It is understandable after all; in the past I have always booked her in advance and now, there I was having intros with all the girls. So, she probably felt I wasn't there to see her… and I wasn't really; it simply did not occur to me that she'd be working. In all honesty, I was looking forward to taste some new flesh but I couldn't bring myself to book anyone but Rebecca. If I lived in Melbourne, I would have picked another girl and have gone back to see Rebecca on other day, but this was a rare opportunity where I was afraid that refusal could have been seen as something final.


So, I booked Rebecca for one hour yet the funny thing is that I suspect my attitude, even if I meant well, was somewhat transparent and this may have affected the session that followed.




Rebecca has always been an attractive curvy grey-eyed brunette, but I have to say that she has gained a few kilos from last time I saw her. She did tell me that her daytime job has prevented her from going to the gym as much as she'd like. I also think she was a bit tired because the session did not match most of the ones we've had in the past. Mind you, it takes two to tango and probably I wasn't in any better condition.


However, she does remains obliging. This is a girl whose all aspects of her service are covered yet she knows my hatred for thick condoms. In the past she has helped me test many brands and types of condoms, even if many times I ended up by throwing the condoms away and finishing outside. This time wasn't different in that respect.


After some kissing and some long DATY; we proceeded to try the thinnest condom in the world (or so the box states), that is the Sagami Original 0.02 that I imported through eBay. The same as the original Durex Avanti, it is made of polyurethane and not latex. Unfortunately it is much more narrower than the Avanti, and Little AJ felt like being strangled. Polyurethane does not stretch like latex, so Rebecca passed the privilege of applying it to me. (As a related note, the previous night Amber had a very efficient way of carrying through a comparative experiment between the Sagami 0.02 and the 0.03 Okamoto - the world's thinnest latex condom - by putting one of each on each of her feet. The obvious result was the lack of elasticity of the former… none of them broke).


But back to Rebecca, after some oral, she jumped on me for some cowgirl (one of the advantages of having put a few kilos on, is that some of that has gone to her boobs which looked and felt much bigger than what I remembered) :). After that, we went through a few other positions like missionary, doggy and caterpillar. I can say that the Sagami conducts heat better than latex condoms. However, I think that more lubricant than needed was applied to it, and between that and the fact of being so tight; I had to declare them a failure. I pulled out, removed the condom and came by Italian sliding. Rebecca also said that they felt a bit rough (something that she used to say about the Durex Avanti too). So, not a successful experience in the end as far as condom testing was related.


As for seeing Rebecca again; well, it was good to see her after such a long time. There was no sparks, let alone fire during the session. I think the circumstances were against it. She was probably tired and I was in a different frame of mind, a bit like hoping to eat grilled meat and finding stew instead, both things I like but there are days for one and days for the other. It does not take away from all the great sessions we had in the past though.



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