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Private (VIC) - 15/04/09 - Amber J Lee




After almost three months of abstention, AndyJ rides again (no pun intended) and catches up with the one and only Amber J Lee.




I've seen Amber many times; yet probably not as many as most would think, certainly not as many as I would have wanted. One cannot get tired of seeing Amber. I like her, something that is blatantly obvious, but I also admire her. She's someone with her feet firmly on the ground, witty, intelligent, determined and certainly beautiful. I love her curves, her lips, her devilish eyes, her husky voice, and I could go on with the praise. What's more, it doesn't really matter how many times I've written about her because she has managed to re-invent herself for every single one of them, and I don't mean it just because she changes the colour of her hair… (Yes, she's blond again). smile.gif


Not long ago, I was typing my farewell thoughts about this FIA diva. I'm convinced that due to the unusually extensive list of good attributes that Amber J Lee presents, there would be no other working girl who could fill such a void or tick all the boxes at the same time; funnily enough, not even Amber herself, at least not at the moment. She is too happily busy with her own life, combining it with the right amount of time for those like me who have come to associate her with the thrills and joy of punting.


True to her nature, she did deliver what she promised me last time we saw, and that was friendship; something that I appreciate as much as or even more than the many moments of pleasure she has given me. Fortunately, her part time return as a WL allowed me to experience the best of both worlds. Mind you, this was nothing new but the social aspect of our latest rendezvous was extremely enjoyable and longer than usual. Amber was relaxed, enthusiastic about what's going on in her life, enjoying more "normal" hours and activities than what hectic touring around the country allowed her last year.


Before picking me up at my apartment, she called me to ask whether I was horny or hungry. I was actually starving (a flight delay had left me without lunch), so the social aspect of our gathering was to come first. She took me to a very nice little bistro not that far from where I was staying. She had the lamb and I went for the duck; very tasteful dishes both of them. We washed them down with a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir from the Yarra Valley followed by some berry and pear sorbet. We must have looked pretty comfortable with each other's company. A good lady from a nearby table joined us for coffee and asked us if we were engaged. Mind you, she was almost drunk, though I love her for thinking that yours truly could have such a younger and beautiful fiancée. We couldn't help laughing. If only we could explain to her the uncomplicated and happy nature of our relationship! Well, maybe I am wrong, maybe she would've gladly joined us and come with us. I think she was a bit left out by the group of people who were with her, particularly after she grabbed the waiter's bum.




After finally escaping from our new friend, we went back to my apartment where after refreshing ourselves we put the bed to a test, not before some passionate kissing. It had been a while since I tried those lips (all girls' lips differ so much that it becomes one of their most identifying features of their love-making). Amber's tend to be firm, adventurous and, in conjunction with her tongue, command the action.


After having the chance to admire and kiss her nicely shaped breasts, I took a good look at her and as I was getting aroused by her firm and toned curves, I decided to go down on her. Gone are the days when one particular position was required for her to reach an orgasm; if you're doing things properly, she may achieve it almost on cue and so she gloriously did in a relatively short time. You almost feel you ought to keep going but this girl is essentially a giver. A session with her will be all about your pleasure… from minute one to the end, which is one of her well-known trademarks.


Some great oral on me followed and before continuing with more serious business, Little AJ couldn't wait for a bit of Italian sliding in between those round butt cheeks that he knows so well and loves so much. Not strangely, I felt I was coming but being so soon I held back for later.


And so we got ready for proper sex, starting with some doggy (unfortunately no mirrors in the room but the view from where I was kneeling was delightful! smile.gif). That was followed by some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl (one of Amber's specialties… again, a great view!). We also went through some good old missionary, always a good chance for more kissing and the bed certainly moved a lot. We left the ever reliable caterpillar for the final act.


All in all, a fantastic evening that made the long wait more than worthwhile. What will the next session with Amber bring? Well, I don't know because the main beauty of it all, is that my time with her always differs even when the quality of her service and her enthusiasm are always excellent.


Que Sera, Sera,

Whatever will be, will be

The future's not ours, to see

Que Sera, Sera

What will be, will be.


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AndyJ, unsure where this lady is now, but we always caught up for a lunch or dinner date when she toured.

Perhaps one of the most complete WL in terms of looks and personality.

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