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Emporio Vip, Santiago - January 2009 - Tiffany



If you’ve read my previous review of Colomba, you’ll know I kissed her goodbye and left La Mansion with plans for a second punt at my hotel.




You’ll also know that I visited Santiago with a shortlist of 18 beauties to save myself time in what it really was a quick visit not even two days long. And so when I got to my hotel, after seeing Colomba, I knew that I had to act quickly if I wanted a second shag for the day, before heading to the airport.


Now, it’s a pity I didn’t check at La Mansion if Angie was back from her holidays. She was probably my top choice but it’s now two years in a row that the God of Synchronicity does not allow me to meet this Argentinean beauty. What’s worse is that once I was back in Sydney, I saw that they were advertising her again (so, in all likelihood she was back… I even saw a taxi arriving at La Mansion with a group of girls when I left. I didn’t want to stare but maybe she was one of them... though I can't find her ad again).




Anyway, I went through my list, and Rosario was my next choice. I called and every time I did, the call was diverted to voice mail (and now I can't find her ad either). Damn! I couldn’t afford waiting on her to return the call because as I said, I had a plane to catch in a couple of hours from then. And so, I decided to call Tiffany, whose ad was promising and she had quite an exotic look, particularly in comparison with Luna and Colomba, my two previous shags, who looked very Caucasian.


Tiffany works for a micro agency called Emporio Vip. They only run four or five girls and they were good to deal with (even if I had a bit of problem understanding the accent of the woman on the phone). I asked them if they could send Tiffany straight away and they obliged. By the way, Tiffany charges 50,000 Chilean Pesos plus 10,000 for the cab. That’s less than the other girls I saw but unlike Luna, the BBBJ comes at 20,000 Pesos extra; so altogether would be 80,000 Pesos (AUD $160). But looking back, the experience does not come nowhere near to the great level provided by Luna and Colomba.


Before Tiffany knocked at my door, I heard her coming. I know she was standing at the door when suddenly I heard music going off. My imagination made me think that she was carrying a stereo and that was going to be part of her entrance, but in reality it was just her mobile phone that went off just when she was about to knock. :)




When I finally opened the door, I realised that she was the girl on the pictures but I think that they have been well retouched to make her look somewhat “whiter”, but in reality she comes from Peru, and if those blue eyes are contact lenses, well, I reckon that she’s mainly indigenous. However, exotic she looks indeed; to me she looked like an Asian girl with blue eyes. Very short but well stacked on top… one for the boobmen.


After a quick shower, Tiffany was ready to go even if she left her white boots on. Only some occasional lip kissing was provided, so I was happy to let her go down on me. Half way there, we moved into a 69 position. She wasn’t fully shaven like I would’ve like but it wasn’t a wild bush either. It didn’t last too long, so we decided to move on.




A bit of Italian sliding on her butt but obviously she was a bit uncomfortable about it, plus her derriere wasn’t the best for it. No point continuing with that, so the condom was produced and applied for some sex. We started with some missionary but she wouldn’t open her legs wide enough to allow for normal penetration. We then changed to doggy for a while and that worked better; and from that we moved for a caterpillar finale.


I think I just wanted to finish. While not bad, there wasn’t much chemistry between us (at least sexually, since I actually enjoyed the post-coital chat). I went ahead with this booking yet I kept an eye on the clock and once Tiffany left, I basically followed in order to go to the airport.


And so, this was my last punt of my holidays; a little pale in comparison to the other experiences but you simply can’t get all magnificent experiences. All in all, I had my fun.


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