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One night in Melbourne



One night in Melbourne


Here I was a young man alone in a strange city. What is a man to do?


Well I had arranged for this night to be spent with a lovely lady who likes a laugh and has a lovely derriere. Unfortunately this lady was ill on this night and my plans fell in a heap.


Being a resourceful was finally going to pay dividends. (All being resourceful has done in my life to date is getting me in trouble)


So I jumped on PP and went straight to the private Melbourne section of the advertisers. Two ladies took my fancy right away. This resourceful young man who is alone in a strange city was faced with a dilemma. Does he take a punt and put all his hard earned into one of these ladies (how does he choose between them? Flip a coin?). Or! Does he live his ultimate fantasy and organise for both of these ladies to come by at different times on the same night. The decision is made easily when the first of these ladies replies that she can see him but only at the start of the evening. Soon after the second of the ladies replies that she can see him at his preferred time. He quickly replies to both to secure the times these ladies are available.


Not long after he confirms both of these appointments his heart sinks and he begins to feel “can he pull this off”. Remembering back to his youth and watching the formula one he is reminded of a quote by a brutish, mustached, British racing drive when his is asked what his strategy is “racing! It is all about mind management”, so is punting it would seem. So now, this resourceful young man who is alone in a strange city is committed to an evening of sexual extravagance, two beautiful ladies in one night.


The time came for the first lady to arrive. Her name was Savannah Stone. Savannah bounded through the door a big smile on her face dressed in an elegant over coat and skirt. She had other clothes on underneath, as I was soon to find out. I invited Savannah in and offered her a drink. We sat on the couch and made small talk for a few minutes. In these few minutes Savannah showed me her wicked sense of humor. I thought to my self “I am in over my head”. I quickly arranged my thoughts and invited Savannah upstairs to the bedroom where I had prepared a room for our fun.


Once upstairs Savannah pounced, a big kiss was planted on my lips but Savannah soon retracted and offered her own quote “I like to tease” I replied to her that I enjoy being tease. The next period of time went like a blur. The foreplay was intense and filled with Savannah teasing me with her hands, body and mouth. The sex was frantic. Be prepared for her energy as she has more than you could imagine.


Once we were done Savannah showed me again her wicked sense of humor and we discussed Melbourne and where we had traveled, and various other topics.


Alas all good things must come to an end and it was time to bid Savannah farewell.


Next came my time with Antonia “Nia” Amante. I had organised with Nia to try something that I had attempted before but I was never lucky enough to enjoy. Tonight was the night. Well I was going to fulfill another fantasy so why stop there?


Nia came in and what struck me first was her height. She has a tall elegant body.


I offered Nia a drink and we made small talk on the couch for a few minutes.


I invited Nia upstairs. It was interesting the contrast between Savannah and Nia. Nia is much more gentle and she also likes to tease. The foreplay with Nia was gentle like her kisses but filled with her teasing me with her mouth, body and hands. The sex with Nia was fast and frantic with her in control. This caught me off guard. She pulled me on top and then pushed me back on to my back. I was turned on. I had never had a lady take control like this. Now Nia asked if I would like to try my fantasy. Nia lubed up and guided me in. I could feel her muscles as I entered her and soon we were going at it like before.


We did not have long for before Nia had to leave but we were able to establish a rapport and discussed various parts of our growing up in a similar part of this fabulous country.


Once again good things came to an end and it was time to say goodbye.


So what does all this mean? I had an awesome night thanks to two very attractive and intelligent ladies. I learnt that photos do not do either of these ladies justice. Once I returned home I went to Savannah’s website and there is a photo of her smile. The photo does not capture her beauty. Nia’s photos do not capture her refined features.


I highly recommend both ladies.


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I am absolutely blown away Hun, for so many reasons...


It is lovely Gentlemen like you that make me LOVE what I do! Any lady that gets to spend time with you should treasure it xx mwah

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Great read happy.gif


Men like yourself, are the reason we love our jobs - just as Nia said. Savannah and Nia look like 2 really down to earth, yet stunning, women - and seem to give nothing short of a fantastic service wink.gifbiggrin.gifwink.gif !!

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Savannah Stone


Not only make us LOVE what we do, but assure us that there are still absolutely amazing gentlemen out there. Any lady- WL or not is very fortunate to spend time with you. Thanks again for a lovely, memorable evening Errol biggrin.gif


All the best xoxo

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