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May 2009 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Jessica) - Pleasant Surprises



Sorry this review is so late guys. Maybe this and one other and I'm about up to date. What better to do on such a miserable Sunday afternoon than get the paperwork sorted. I thought it was worth posting this as it provides a somewhat counter view to the only other review of Jessie. All respect to donna though for his very balanced and informative review dated 29 May 2009.


For this mission there was no time for research or pre-selection using FIA, instead just a sense of urgency and a trust that LFG will rise to the occasion as usual.


Can't remember who introd, too long ago. I do recall though that there were three maybe four ladies and of them all, Jessica captured my interest.


Jessica is a highly confident lady, taking control of the situation from the moment we entered the room. Different to many of the others at Team-LFG, Jessie left abruptly for me to shower, no hugs or kisses. It was too early to jump to conclusions just yet.


When Jessie returned to the room she suggested I lay on the bed so she could give me a massage. This usually rings some alarm bells but I obeyed meekly. The first pleasant surprise was when Jessie got off her gear, she had really great tits – large and shapely. Jessie is a tall blonde, medium built Aussie lady with a very pretty (girl next door) face. My guess would be she is late 20s but I could be wrong. I don't recall the massage but I do recall she soon told me to turn over and then came the second pleasant surprise. By now I'd given up hope of this being a very passionate experience when lo and behold, Jessie sat on my groin, leaned forward and began a somewhat brief but exceptionally good spell of FK. She has soft and comfortable lips with a moist kissing style - very, very pleasant.


Next, with Jessie still in control, we moved into mutual oral which was great. She was responsive to my mouth and tongue while she did her part very skilfully. This lasted a nice long time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Jessie has a lovely shaven pussy which she used to grind [in the nicest possible way] into my face. She turned around for CG to finish which is where the next pleasant surprise came into play. All through CG, Jessie alternated between some really generous kissing and filling my mouth with those lovely, large tits.


[i need to take a class on estimating tit size. I think in terms of mandarin, orange, cantaloupe or watermelon and I love them all regardless but I wish I could translate into A, B , C and D. If anyone knows of anyone offering a class in such matters - with a practical component - please let me know].


The last pleasant surprise was how talkative she was afterwards. She was open and frank about certain topics that were very interesting, to me anyway.


In conclusion it was an experience that got off to a slowish start but warmed up to a very enjoyable time. I would definitely see Jessie again.


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