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April 2009 - The Grosvenor (Desiree) - Exotic Beauty



This review is overdue but is still relevant as Desiree is still working at The Grosvenor and hasn't been reviewed by anyone in the mean while.


This was definitely a case of the right triggers being evident in an earlier FIA review by Jackal. Something about Desiree sounded exciting enough to encourage me to make a booking sight unseen. There was a bit of a stuff-up with the first attempt in that when I arrived at The G, I was told that Desiree was delayed and I should return in an hour. This didn't work for me so we rescheduled for the same time the following week.


The next attempt was more successful and the lovely Desiree was brought into the lounge for an intro. Desiree was pretty much exactly how I'd pictured her from the earlier post. She is of medium height or slightly less, larger frame with really large breasts, lovely dark, chocolate skin and a very pretty face with a sexy smile. She told me her nationality but doesn't want it mentioned. I suspect her W/L life is only part time.


After the financials were sorted, Desiree lead me to the room. We exchanged some chit chat followed by the obligatory instructions about the shower, etc, and then all of a sudden she moved forward with a surprisingly penetrating initial kiss. Nice.


On her return to the room, Desiree resumed where she had left off which wasn't going to cause any complaints from me. This more or less set the scene for the rest of the booking. During the time together we did all the usual very nice things including DATY, mutual oral, CBJ and mish. Every so often, and between each course, Desiree returned to home base for some more kissing. She is a great kisser, penetrating tongue and penetrating open eyes. It was all in all a very positive experience but it never quite got to that mind blowing level that some punts do.


Would I see Desiree again? Yes, I did in fact (one benefit of a late review) a couple of weeks later and it was also very pleasant. Desiree is a lovely lady who is easy on the eye, a relaxed nature and easy to spend time with. Despite it not being the most cracking experience of all time it was great and I have no regrets. I will probably see Desiree again at some stage.


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