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Index of 2008 In Shag Miles!




(Links and descriptions to be added soon - Entry under construction)


My first punt for 2008 was seeing Jenna at Allure, whom I had already seen and reviewed towards the end of 2007. An even better time was had and probably will see her again but I saw no need for a new review. In January I also saw Victoria at Stiletto, whom I've seen and reviewed many times too. Again, I felt that there was no reason for a new review. However, below you'll find a growing list of reviews for the new girls I'll meet and review throughout the year, and towards the end of it, a summary format will be adopted like I've done in the past. Enjoy!


My first review of 2008 as such was about my encounter with Melissa Minova in Sydney. After that, we kept seeing regularly until Melissa finally retired.


A bit of a dull punt was had with Veronica at the Gateway Club, Leichhardt. Quickly forgotten too.


More memorable was my time with pixie beauty Seraphina from Perth when she visited Sydney. I had previously seen her at Stiletto in 2007.


A good session with Billie from Melbourne followed at Allure, Annandale.


At the same establishment I had a session with Cassie not long after. Not bad but nothing great either.


Then I met Kiwi Hannah at Stiletto, Camperdown. Despite the session was somewhat clinical, I had a decent enough time with her.


A little wilder was my time with Jazz at the Gateway Club, Leichhardt.


During a Melbourne trip I met Annalise at The Grosvenor in Collingwood. She was well known from FIA, and she also went under the guise of Crystal at Dandy Belles.


Back in Sydney I met English Victoria at Allure, Annandale, a redhead that I saw twice in 2008.


A pretty average session continued with Irish lass Erin at Club 121, Pyrmont.


Then, it was a quickie with Alex at La Petite Aroma, Chatswood. While Alex was a pleasure to behold, she was a bit on the clinical side.


Reported to be a Pamela Anderson lookalike, Kristina at the Gateway Club, Leichhardt,

was a good shag. Despite efforts I didn’t manage to see her again.


What followed next, was one of my worst sessions ever with Jodie at Allure, which saw me leaving the room.


Private (VIC) - 04/07/08 - Amber J Lee


The Black Cat - 19/07/08 – Willow


Private (VIC) - 25/07/08 - Sharna Of Melbourne


Studio 54 - 26/07/08 – Chelsea


Private (VIC) - 27/07/08 - Amber J Lee & Jessica Jordan


Allure - 09/08/08 – Holly


Amore - 16/08/08 – Kendall


Amore - 21/09/08 – Cleo


Private (NSW) - 09/10/08 - Cameron Taylor


Private (VIC) - 15/10/08 - Amber J Lee (NSW Tour)


Private (VIC) - 16/10/08 - Taylor Wonders


Private (VIC) - 17/10/08 - Sharna Of Melbourne


The Grosvenor - 18/10/08 – Eve


Amore - 08/11/08 – Eva


Private (VIC) - 21/11/08 - Amber J Lee & Sharna Of Melbourne


The Main Course - 23/11/08 – April


First Class, Montevideo - December 2008 - Joanna



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