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April 2009 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tina) - Genuine Satisfaction



Finally up to date with my reviews.


There were a few scratchy notes made on my laptop at the time (a little after actually) and a quick call to LFG to confirm a detail or two. So I'm confident of its accuracy even though the experience is a few months old.


I decided on LFG, firstly because I like the consistency of the place and secondly because it's close to Richmond station. Took and early lunch, jumped on a loop train and in about 10 minutes was ringing the doorbell at LFG. Already almost convinced of going with Tina due to some good reviews and a previous intro, it turned out she was the only one free. I remembered from the previous intro and it was repeated again that Tina is into the good things such as kissing, oral, mutual oral, she offers a warm, friendly service and a good time - long hand for GFE (I hoped).


Tina is an attractive Aussie lady without being stunning. She is about mid- to late-30s, slim build with light brown, wavy, shoulder length hair. She has, (I'm struggling here), B-cup to C-cup breasts, which in the opinion of someone who likes to have at least a good handful, were pretty spot on.


I confess I can't remember all the ins and outs but I can say the following with confidence, Tina:


** is true to her intro

** is fit and flexible

** is a lovely kisser

** kisses often and deep

** has a gung-ho tongue

** gives skilful oral

** responds demonstrably to receiving oral

** likes to fuck in multiple positions and is happy to do her share of the work

** finished with mish with non-stop DFK

** is definitely a genuine GFE


I remember quite clearly after we'd finished and we were lying in each other's arms, thinking what a high quality experience it had been. There was a combination of still tingling in my loins and genuine satisfaction in my mind. A lot had gone on in half an hour and Tina had put her all into it. Nothing put on about this girl, she loves her work.


Sitting here reliving the experience of it I'm asking myself why haven't I been back. The only possible answer could be there is such a wealth of lovely W/L in this wonderful city that I just haven't got round to it - YET.


Tina is a very passionate, responsive, skilful and enjoyable lover.


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