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March 2009 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Pia) - Beauty From Pakistan



This review is overdue but is still relevant as Pia is still at LFG.


I decided to call in at my then favourite parlour LFG, one weekday morning just before lunch time. I'd already called ahead and ascertained Pia had just arrived. This was relevant based on a previous reviewer's comments.


Pia had received only a solitary earlier review on FIA which was not overly flattering. Surprisingly, the earlier review hadn't put me off and I decided to approach Pia with an open mind.


Three or four girls lined up but I can only remember two names. One was Tina (mental note - hanging out to meet Pia but Tina should be remembered for future reference - intro'd very well). The other was Pia. Until then I was a little ambivalent about her but interested enough to check her out. On meeting Pia the ambivalence left. She was indeed a very beautiful woman. I learned later that she is from Pakistan. She definitely had a Pakistani appearance. Her skin was quite light in colour with an olive tint and quite lovely. Her hair was very long and jet black with lots of bounce. Clearly, this woman is outstandingly beautiful. Also, during the intro I learned Pia was OK with kissing and was more than happy with DATY. Excellent! Bring it on.


In the interest of brevity I'll summarise the experience:


The Good:


Very beautiful face and very long black hair alone is worthy of a booking

Large, perfect breasts with large dark nipples

Body to die for and especially lovely butt

Intelligent and conversational

DATY was heavenly and she groaned in an exotic language


The Wierd:

During mish Pia wanted to discuss geography, travel and Asian cuisine (well at least I was enjoying myself). If someone had told me this would happen I would have thought the little fella would crack the shits. Strangely I found this amazingly exciting, NFI why. How strange it was, to hold a detailed discussion on such topics while fucking a very beautiful woman. The little fella never missed a beat.


Also after DATY she took a thorough shower before we moved to 69. I'm still perplexed about that one.


The Not So Good:

Pia's kissing was quite reserved. Can't say I was very specific in the intro so not her fault.


In terms of a repeat visit I'd say yeh sure. I think fondly about the experience from time to time. Despite the eccentricities, this exotic beauty has a lot to like.


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