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First Class, Montevideo - December 2008 - Joanna



I seem to have the exclusivity of the Uruguayan forum so far but guys please notice that there are plenty of green pastures over here. If you manage to combine a tour exploring this very Southern region of the Americas comprising Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, you'll be certainly rewarded.


Anyway, I think that in order to understand the context of the punt I'm writing about, you'll need to read this review from a year ago. That was a review of a relatively low budget parlour. In said review I mentioned this other one I've visited now as an example of something meant to be very different. And it is different indeed.


First Class is probably Montevideo's most upmarket parlour; the Uruguayan Stiletto if such thing is possible. Actually, it is more of a rarety and probably mainly skewed towards overseas visitors or for that very special occasion. Stiletto's fees while significant are hardly ever twice the price of those of other inner city parlours. First Class can be at least three times the price compared to other establishments in Montevideo. No wonder there is a love-hate relationship between First Class and the users of FIA's Uruguayan equivalent Foro Relax, where occasionally, among the many reviews, you read calls for a boycott due to its "outrageous" prices... sounds familiar? Actually, a lot becomes very familiar when you read the posts at Foro Relax (if you understand Spanish of course) and I dare to say that there are many more similarities between FIA and its Uruguayan equivalent than between FIA and any American forum. Reviews tend to adopt a literary form and you see from the poetic ones, through the humouristic ones to the ones straight to the point. Reading about First Class, you get the impression that it is expensive for local standards but the reviews tend to be predominantly positive. Maybe a case of getting what you pay for, which could be a very cruel concept for a society that saw much better times.


Yesterday I finally managed to get some time on my own and decided to explore First Class. The place is located in a middle class suburb along the shore called Pocitos (address: Buxareo 1231). So, to start with, that's much better than venturing into some dodgy area where you get the distinct impression that you'll get mugged at any minute. While safer than most South American cities, you still need to be careful in Montevideo, particularly at night. It was around 6 o'clock when I arrived at First Class. Apparently it opens at 4pm but there is no point in going before 6pm, which is where you'll find an line-up of around 15 girls in a good day. Friday is not the best day though as many like to leave town to spend the weekend away, so yesterday there were around seven girls working. Only a couple were available when I arrived while the rest were busy or running late.


There is no sign whatsoever outside signalling that as a brothel. Actually, no way you would know unless you have the exact address (hence provided in the previous paragraph for future use). First Class is located in an old style house (it reminds me a bit of La Mansion in Santiago, Chile) but you go in through what once upon a time was probably a garage.


Once inside, you'll see a communal area with a bar, a "parrillero" (for the traditional asado or wood fired beef) and a patio or backyard. The girls just mingle with you there; they come, give you a kiss on the cheek and introduce themselves. Unfortunately the drinks are not on the house but I was happy with a Coke anyway (I wasn't asked to pay for it in the end as I didn't have any change). Apparently if you go on a Thursday, you'll find some meat on the grill (literally) and they also have pole dancing shows. I find the idea of combining two kinds of flesh very enticing; I hope you are not vegetarian (and if you are, skip this country altogether).


One girl, very friendly gave me a tour of the place, yet most rooms were busy. She told me the prices which seem to differ depending on whether you use a room with an ensuite bathroom or not. The rates start at 1,600 Uruguayan Pesos (AUD $95) and they seem to go up to 2,000 (AUD $120). I think that the ensuite rooms give you one hour and the others a bit less, 45 minutes maybe (I couldn't work out how time is managed in the end). Unlike Stiletto, you have to pay for your drinks. Now that you know the prices, you'll see I was laughing, but again I tell you that those prices can be up to three times more expensive than those of other places, and as some write in that Uruguayan forum, equal the price of a hot private escort in Buenos Aires in a nice apartment with all the complimentary drinks you like.


The girl who gave me the tour was good looking enough and I think she offered Greek as part of her service. It was very tempting and I was ready to book her, yet I wanted to see the other girls. I had seen a couple more already who despite attractive were not my cup of tea. However, another girl arrived who indeed was, her name is Joanna, blonde, blue/green eyes, size 10, with a lovely natural C cup and a curvey and fleshy bum. She had AndyJ written all over her. The girl who gave me the tour (whose name I've forgotten) kindly introduced Joanna as her friend and recommended her. Very noble of her really and I felt a bit bad to abandon her to go with her friend. Joanna came and sat next to me where after a bit of chit chat I asked her about her service; unfortunately no Greek on offer like her friend but she was so hot, I didn't care. She told me that other than using a condom for oral and sex, she was happy with kissing and DATY. Apparently, from what I've read, the chances of a BBBJ over there are very slim or non existent, which didn't worry me given that I was about to pay the equivalent of 15 minutes at a Sydney parlour... (but a hot private in Buenos Aires would come with BBBJ for the same price). I did go for one of the cheap rooms (which were nice anyway) and so the total cost was AUD $95. (As a side note, you pay after the fun)


Joanna started with a massage that I predictably cut short and we continued with some DFK instead. She made her way down and gave my balls a nice lick. Now as I was wishing for her to take Little AJ in her mouth too, she took me completely by surprise because she did... but she had a condom in her mouth (no idea when she put it there). While a nice trick, that advanced the session to that level - that is, me with a condom on already. The problem with this is that if I wanted to go down on her, I would remove the condom as it's silly to wear it for nothing, and out of shyness or unfamiliarity with the house (for example, I saw no lubricant and I'm not even sure if she had another condom) I just decided to let her do all the work.


The blowjob was good despite being covered and after a while she jumped on top for some cowgirl and that allowed me to play with her boobs in the meantime. We then switched to doggy where we took advantage of a mirror on the head of the bed and allowed me to have a look at her gorgeous butt. Missionary followed with more kissing and we finally finished caterpillar. Overall a good shag, that for the money I paid and with a girl that looks like that, feels like excellent value for money. On top, personality wise, Joanna was very nice too.


When it was time to arrange the financial transaction, I tried to see if I had the exact money (which I did) and she joked that if not I could leave her a tip. I told her that the best tip I could give her is a return visit. I'm sure she was pushing her luck but she just laughed and gave a big farewell kiss anyway. Mind you, the service was good, the price dirt cheap for me, but those poor guys at Foro Relax, would never forgive this overseas wanker if I was to give tips on top of what it's considered an outrageous fee for local standards. In other words, wherever you go, don't feed the animals, no matter how cute they look like.


I managed to see more girls on my way out. Some very nice ones; so as far as the line-up is concerned, a comparison with Stiletto in a good day could be adequate. The place has a much more warmer feel though and no extras were paid. I'll try to go back before I leave. :)

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Posted 24th December, 2008 - 11:47am


I caught up with Joanna again today. I went to First Class and she was one of the first ones I saw when I walked in, and since I had promised her a return visit I had no hesitation in booking her again despite some other very hot girls available. Mind you, Joanna is one of the most attractive ones particularly for blondesexuals like me but I think I'm infatuated with her curves.


It was a little later than the other day (probably around 7:30pm) and the place was packed, but the activity took place around the bar with punters mingling with the girls. Joanna left the guys she was chatting with and came express when she saw me. (So I assume that there may be some guys who just go for a drink)


Vicky, her friend I mentioned in my review, was there too. They suggested a double but by now I know very well that such thing could be bit a waste in a short amount of time. If I had more time I could have booked them both in a row instead but I didn't have the time... damn!


Now as for the second rendezvous with the lovely Joanna was even better than the first; I guess some good things happen to those who keep their promises. This time we skipped the massage altogether and, after some DFK, I went down on her for a while to make her wet and happy. She returned the courtesy by going down on me for a very nice blowjob (no tricks of putting condoms hidden in her mouth this time... probably saw the disappointment in my face the other day. LOL)... and after that we finished with a great shag, pretty much going through all positions we went through the first time, but the familiarity and better foreplay made what followed much more intense.


So there you go, unusual for me to see the same girl twice while overseas but it has its advantages too.

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