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The Main Course - 23/11/08 - April




I need to start this review by letting you know that this one was a freebie - no, not from April - but from a small group of FIA members who very kindly gave me a voucher to see said WL.




I am not really sure what motivated them to match AndyJ with a sort of lady that AndyJ hardly ever sees, that is, not only Asian but also mature. One stipulation of the voucher was that it had to be used with April, and another one, while not a stipulation as such, was the note “Honey flavoured pussy” written on it (which will give you an idea about the identity of one of the masterminds behind the plan). :)


Now this voucher was given to me a while ago; I hadn’t been able to use it because my punting schedule during my Melbourne trips tends to be full lately, and between that and April’s roster, it just became very difficult. Since the beginning, and foreseeing this kind of problem, I tried to give it back, convince some of them to use it, give it to someone who really needed it, organise a raffle… but they wouldn’t have it any other way: use it or lose it. My growing sense of guilt was only overpowered by the possibility of seeing those other girls who were on my to-do list and my usual Melbourne favourites. Luckily, last Sunday, a window of opportunity opened and April’s planets and mine finally aligned.


There was some suspense though, as on the phone I was told that The Main Course does not issue vouchers. I tried to explain the situation and was told to go there but until the receptionist saw it, she couldn’t say yes or no. Fortunately, I was staying only steps away from this house of ill repute and five minutes later I was there.


The Main Course was busy as usual. I had to wait until a couple of brothel-virgin (maybe just plain virgin) country boys made their mind as to whom they wanted to see. Poor guys they didn’t have a clue in the world. One of them was fixed by the receptionist’s recommendation, and I recommended Sylvan to the other one (I had happened to see her walk past for a cigarette outside). The whole thing took a good 5 to 10 minutes but it was amusing; I wonder if those guys will find FIA one day. That’s something I like about TMC, the communal spirit among staff and patrons.


Once the receptionist saw my voucher and cross-checked it with her books, she was happy to honour it, plus April immediately knew what was all about.




As I said before, April is a mature Thai lady. She keeps herself reasonably fit and she has a very friendly and cheeky personality.


Apart from everything, this punt was after seeing Amber, Sharna and Taylor in the preceding days, so I thought it was a good idea to take it easy and let April do all the work. Now, it took April very little time to work out that I was more a “vanilla” kind of client (decisively “vanilla” for TMC standards, my words not hers), so I hope you won’t be disappointed if I told you that there was no honey involved. Instead we simply started gently with some DFK and from there April made her way to Little AJ.


I think she wanted me to make me come in her mouth, but since I thought I’d be able to come only once (considering my punting rampage over the weekend), I suggested April to let me do a little sliding on her butts. Part of my usual routine but quite a different sensation when done against the smooth totally hairless skin of an Asian woman. April became a keen participant and to my surprise, I was coming on her back a few minutes after.


We had a bit of a rinse and a chat while Little AJ recovered. April, upon recommendation of my fellow perverts, was adamant in treating me well and making me come twice. I thought it was more wishful thinking that anything else but April’s deep throat blowjob is a very good one and in the end she was right as I came a second time. :D


It was a good experience and I had fun, even when I left with the almost certainty that I had only explored a small percentage of April’s raunchy potential. But that’s me after all, and I guess there’s no right or wrong, just whatever floats your boat. My sincere thanks to the guys who sponsored the punt, I’m very happy I finally managed to meet April after reading so much about her.



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