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Private (VIC) - 21/11/08 - Amber J Lee & Sharna Of Melbourne




Okay, I'm sure the title got your attention, and now that I have it: na na na na na nah… I shagged Amber and Sharna… na na na na na nah… I shagged Amber and Sharna! :P




With my puerile way of opening this review out of the way, I need to make an admission: Yes, I had already seen Amber for the last time and written my farewell review too, but that's what encores are for. After my standing ovation at Amber's curtain call and her graceful exit of the stage of my punting life, I remained standing there clapping my hands and asking for an encore. And the same way those rock bands I grew up listening to, used to reserve their best songs for moments like this, the curtains reopened with Amber and a very special guest, the lovely Sharna. Two of my favourite girls together, without rehearsals in what would be an impromptu session as you'll see a little further ahead.


Now, the above paragraph pretty much describes me as an emotional hardcore fan of these two girls, but this one will give you an idea of AndyJ, the event producer. Cheap airfares to Melbourne, an opportunity too good to miss because I won't be back there in a while, and by then the delightful Miss Lee won't be around any longer for acts of debauchery. So, I contacted Sharna, whom I should build a shrine for making herself available even in between personal commitments and a trip to Perth, and told her about this "little crazy idea" of mine. I was very cautious about how I went with my proposal as these girls, despite both of them being FIA divas, they had never met before and their styles are very different. I wasn't demanding as to what was to happen between the two of them, and in all honesty I do like to be the centre of all the loving and attention. I made sure Sharna was happy with the idea before approaching Amber, and after I did that, Amber replied with one of her typical one-liners (probably while on tour in Sydney): "Friday 21st it is... would love to meet her... I mean fuck her hahahaha x". :lol:




Amber was the first one to arrive and we opened a bottle of spumante while we waited for Sharna and we had a nice chat in the meantime. However, when Sharna arrived, my mind went into a serious state of confusion. Having these two gorgeous girls in the same room, at the same time was maybe too overwhelming as a sensation. Suddenly I didn't know what to do but prompted by the girls to come out of my stupor, I started kissing them. Amber also jumped towards Sharna's lips and soon after that we were all kissing in all possible directions.


After getting rid of some unnecessary clothing, we all stripped down to our undergarments; needless to say theirs were much sexier than my boxer shorts. They took me to the bed and asked me to lie down in the middle while the kissing continued. Now, it all was still too overwhelming for Little AJ, who's quite familiar with these girls separately but didn't know what was going on. I am not a Trekkie but I guess that for him was like seeing Captain Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard together, something definitely out of the ordinary in the same time-space sequence. Amber took the lead in giving him oral encouragement, while I kept kissing Sharna. Despite the marvellous situation, also observed on a big mirror strategically located next to the bed, Little AJ was to take a little longer to join the party (I think Amber even commented she had never seen him this shy). So, I decided to give him his favourite form of encouragement which happens to be with Amber's other end. A little rubbing on those magic buttocks, and he was ready for action. In the meantime Sharna would take care of the more GFE aspects of the threesome with her kisses and mischievous looks into my eyes. And then I went for a bit of doggy action on Sharna, while Amber knelt next to me giving me some DFK.


That was followed by me requesting them both to sit, Sharna on my mouth and Amber on Little AJ, both them facing and kissing each other. The positions were eventually swapped to make sure the love was distributed evenly. We did go through all possible combinations, except one proposed by the very naughty Sharna who had the idea of a strap on while I was doing Amber doggy style. Luckily for me, there wasn't any around. She also pinched my nipple at some stage for a laugh. But the laughs were many because we were three people doing it together for the first time. So, yes, there was moaning, plenty of pleasure, but overall we couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. The fact made coming a little difficult and after getting these girls to endure litres of sweat falling on them, the happy finale was achieved way beyond an hour or two of solid shagging. Now, how much better than that can it get? At least from a visual point of view, seeing yourself shagging these two goddesses and seeing them work so hard for your pleasure (even when I know they had fun too).


It was a very experimental double and that's why I described it as an impromptu music session. I didn't know what to expect and we just went with the flow. I have had much more passionate and intensive sessions with these girls individually, but as far as fun and hedonistic enjoyment are concerned, this is definitely a new milestone in my punting life; my eternal thanks to them for making it possible. It will never be forgotten. biggrin.gif


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Ahh Andy J

Thanks for the memories of AJL

I had the pleasure of her on her last trip to Perth

I fact she rearranged her schedule to see me before returning to Melbourne to commence her new career wub.gif

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