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California Club - 01/09/08 - Ary, Funny Korean



Hadn't been here since well before the renovations. I don't think I've ever had a bad time out of the 3 or 4 times here.


Prices have gone up since the renovations. It's now $150/$200/$250 for 30/45/60 min. The ladies came in and introduced themselves one by one and you get a chance to talk to them which is good. I asked my usual question of all of them (do you kiss). The first one wanted $50 extra, wtf, so she was off the list. This seems to be more of a culture in Melbourne than Sydney and I figure that by paying extras I'm only going to encourage it so I made it clear she got the message that she'd just dropped off the list because of that. I don't know whether she said anything to the others but none of them asked for extras although some said they didn't kiss, which is fair enough.


Ended up with a choice of 2, Sassy and Ary. It was a hard decision and I will have to return to sample Sassy sometime. Went for 30 min with Ary


Ary was great fun and is a Korean lady. Not a DFK but very nice and we also managed some DATY before I got bagged up. She was one of the tightest ladies I've come across. Not really skinny. Quite curvy actually with decent size boobs for a Korean (C cup?) with quite large dark nipples. She was so tight that at one point I think I was getting the friction from the inside of the bag. She must have great muscle control.


She was very teasing in her manner, kept making cat miaow noises and giggling. Great fun to be with and her English was great so we had quite a good chat in the remaining time.


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