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Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/11/2009 - Amy




Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/11/2009 - Amy

Another drizzly Sunday afternoon in Sydney


Another drizzly Sunday afternoon in Sydney. After spending the morning on the 'net paying bills, balancing chequebooks and the like, I felt like a diversion - and what better place for a diversion!!


I am in two minds about whether to post this or not - on one hand this forum exists to share experiences but on the other too much publicity for a shop can lead to too much traffic. However I am posting as there has been no previous posts about this lady.


I turn up, wander through the door, and two ladies greet me. One was lying down on the table in one of the downstairs massage "rooms". I did not recognise either lady from my previous visits (this is my third visit in three days). So one of the ladies ushers me upstairs - She follows me so I do not get to enjoy the view ...


The lady is Amy - she is relatively tall at about 5'7", I will assume Chinese, about a size 8 with nice natural D cups. She could not be considered a great beauty, but is easy on the eye. I take the $100/60 minute option, disrobe and lie face down on the table. For the next 20 minutes or so I enjoy what seems to be a good massage (one day I must go to a "real" massage place to see what a proper massage is like).


As Amy moves around the table, my hands begin to wander. Initially it was just on her calves, then behind her knees - she seemed to enjoy this. After a while, the massage became a little more sensual. Amy leans over me and I feel her breasts against my back, then she moves to the head of the table and I grab her buttocks. Then some gentle stroking on my inner thighs, and other soft and sensual stuff. While all this was going on, there were the sounds of this place - the phone ringing, another massage in the other upstairs room, the soundscape of the street outside (before the music was turned on). It all adds to the "excitement".


Turnover time, and Amy kisses my nipples and plays with my little friend. We negotiate a suitable happy ending. Afterwards we cuddle and kiss (affectionately, not passionately). This is followed by a head massage with some small talk.


Black mark however - she sends me down the stairs and there is another Punter at the reception desk.


Summary: Good fun. This place has a nice, friendly feel about it.



.... And in the immortal words of the Pro Active Solution adverts: "Individual results may vary"



Now, if you have followed my punting, you will know that Amy was a favourite. It got to the stage that the management of Albany (and Amy) knew that I would be turning up at 6:00 pm Sunday. Later punts (obviously) got better. Occasionally, I was delayed – traffic and all – and they pointed at the clock and reminded me. For a few weeks, I had the lurgy and missed my usual Sunday assignation. When I returned they asked “Where have you been – we missed you ...’ I spent far too much time there.

As for Amy herself: She approached her work with an admirable energy and enthusiasm, and a seeming happiness. This combination drew me back frequently. And I thoroughly enjoyed.



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