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East Asian - XX/07/08 - Amanda




Amanda is advertised as one of the Greek Queens here. I saw her a couple of weeks before thumper64's review of her and Jennifer. Didn't plan but just turned up. Asked who was on and was told Amanda among others. Said Amanda sounded OK so I waited in the room. A lady walked in who wasn't Amanda.:wacko: She also didn't kiss. :angry: I get the impression that this place will try it on a bit and if you want something in particular you have to make it clear so I said send in Amanda. Amanda arrived finally and she is a very pretty, fairly tall Chinese Singaporean. English not brilliant but she made it clear that Greek was $50 extra and pointed at her bum :lol: . I thought why not so went for $140 for half an hour with the extra.


She sat on the bed writing her takings down in a notebook while I had a shower.


Very nice lady, kissed but not that passionate. Tried a bit of DATY but she covered her face with her arm. Seemed to enjoy it though. Got down to the real action and started off normal in doggie then switched to Greek. Turned her over but she was obviously finding Greek in mish difficult, so we resumed in doggie and I didn't last long.


Not my first ever greek but very enjoyable nonetheless.



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