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Private (VIC) - 27/07/08 - Amber & Jessica Jordan



By telling you that this is my first ever double, and considering that I started punting at a very tender age, you'll probably guess that it has never been very high on my agenda.




I don't really know why but I suppose that what I like about sex is the intimacy between strangers, and with three already being a little group of people, a bit of that ought to be lost. I don't watch much porn either; so when it comes to that I don't have any copycat aspirations. So, shagging Amber and Jessica in a threesome was mainly the result of wanting to shag both girls with the additional comfort of being introduced to one of them by the other, whom I know well.


At planning stage, my last trip to Melbourne presented itself as a great opportunity to meet Jessica, whom I wanted to meet after exchanging many PMs and it was already obvious to me that she was a girl with a very sweet personality… not to mention the fact that I had seen a few photos of hers which looked very promising too. I had recently seen Amber in Sydney and initially, due to my already punting-packed program, she was likely to wait until next time. I had already talked to Sharna, I had already made a booking with another lovely girl (who will remain anonymous for now), I was hoping for Jessica to get back into action after a small problem she had with her ankle, and I was hoping to catch up with Eve at The Grosvenor too. Not to mention that one day before going, Sharna introduced Chelsea into the picture, and also when I got to Melbourne a small bunch of friendly perverts from the forum made me an offer I couldn't refuse about seeing another lady too (even when I had to postpone that one for next trip due to time restrictions and physical recovery periods) smile.gif


Anyway, I couldn't know most of the above when I talked to Amber and the sole knowledge that I hadn't seen her with dark hair yet, prompted me to throw caution and the budget out of the window and ask for a double with her and Jessica. Moreover, it would need to happen on Sunday during the day, midday actually… which for a Sunday, we may as well call it morning, considering that's the time I wake up when I don't need to go to work. I know Amber is the opposite and would show up full of energy; and as for Jessica, that was yet to be seen.


On Sunday, I let the people at reception know that cleaners weren't to enter my room between 12 and 2pm (just to play it safely since I only had one hour booked).




With typical punctuality, Amber called me from downstairs at the agreed time and before fetching them downstairs, she made sure I knew they were in casual clothes due to the cold. No worries, I love seeing girls in casual clothes (particularly at that time at the day). When I got downstairs, I see these two lovely young girls who looked like they were coming out of a Uni class. Amber, I knew of course, but the dark hair, in contrast to the previous platinum blond she had, makes her look even younger (and much more natural I'd say). Hot as ever anyway. Just for the record: early twenties, (now) brunette, blue eyes, size 8, 170 cm tall, enhanced C-cups, tanned skin.


Jessica, oh my god… she looks so sweet and innocent, that I should've asked her for proof of age! Early twenties (or so I hope), brunette and now with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, size 10, around 170 cm tall, natural C-cups, fair skin and a few lovely freckles.


I know the description makes them sound very similar but believe me, they are very different in looks and temperament, even when both are very pretty girls. While Jessica naturally offers a very tender girlfriend experience, Amber exudes a porn star quality, so that's a great combination. Also the fact that I knew Amber and not Jessica, added something special to the formula. It was like she had brought a Bambi-like character to have sex with us; but don't get me wrong, Jessica may come across as that innocent yet when the action takes place, she's anything but innocent.


Nevertheless, it was a fantasy I liked to keep and I think it made the experience quite unique beyond the fact that it was my first ever threesome. As soon as we entered the room, the girls ran for a quick shower and then straight to the bedroom. Now, trying to remember what takes place in this situation is not as easy as remembering a one on one experience. So, some things may be narrated out of order but I think you won't mind. I believe it's safe to say that we started by pashing, and by that I mean straight DFK in all possible combinations between three people. After kissing of everyone's bodies, these two girls gradually went down on me and gave me a great double blowjob, only to be occasionally interrupted by them kissing each other… I think that with Little AJ we looked at each other and commented: "Well, girls, we're waiting here!" LOL.


After that, Jessica went down on Amber and I went down on Jessica from behind for a little while. Unfortunately the bed we had was far too small for all the acrobatics taking place but I think we managed. On with the condom and Jessica's tongue was replaced by Little AJ impaling Amber. Kissing still happening pretty much in all directions. Amber's pussy was feeling very nice and warm for such a cold day until the condom decided to roll up, so it was time to find a looser jacket for Little AJ. On with the new one and it was Jessica's turn to be penetrated. I shagged her missionary style, while Amber sat on her face and I kissed Amber and played with her boobs at the same time I kept shagging Jessica. Not a bad idea and needless to say, a brand new experience for me. However, it requires fitness and endurance and therefore, we could always go with this for a certain amount of time.


I think I should've done my homework and watched some porn before going ahead with this because the new possibilities were many more than the ones I thought about during the act. Inevitably, after a couple of other positions, the climax was achieved.


After the exercise, we all went for a very nice lunch at Federation Square. Now, I think I would make this review far too long if I tried to elaborate about all my thoughts about this brand new experience of having a threesome. I'll limit it by saying that the fact of doing it with someone like Amber, who already trusts me, helped a lot as that trust was instantly adopted by Jessica. So, I guess that it worked actually better than if I was to meet her one on one. One hour is probably just enough to explore the potential that such experience offers and I regret not doing a bit of homework so I could've maximised that time. Nevertheless, the visual memories are still quite pleasant and extremely stimulating in my mind. Thank you girls for your generosity!


PS, Sorry, I forgot to mention that, on top of everything, the girls brought some yummy cupcakes to keep up the energy levels! smile.gif


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