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Studio 54 - 26/07/08 - Chelsea




If you saw my previous review, you'll know this is a second installment of sorts, the culmination of the longest double you've ever read about… well, technically speaking not a real double but you'll still read about all the same characters, that is Sharna, Chelsea, Little AJ and me. So, here it is. "Studio 54: The Incall" or "An hour with Chelsea". :)




On Friday night I had the pleasure of meeting Chelsea and sharing a dinner with her and Sharna. The venue was a Spanish restaurant called El Matador, which is inside the Robert Burns Hotel in Smith Street, Collingwood. The place has a part which is fully dedicated to the restaurant and another one which is just an ordinary pub. As the restaurant was completely booked, we sat at the pub area. The thought of being in the company of two beauties in a rowdy pub made me a little nervous but luckily most guys were glued to the telly, watching an AFL final.


You've read everything about the lovely Sharna, so I'll tell you a bit about Chelsea. She's from out of town and she's currently working at Studio 54 for a few more weeks. She's probably in her thirties, size 8, very nice long red hair, blue eyes, natural C-cups, about 170 cm tall, and she has a great little butt. In fact, she has a great body… think stripper body. Above all, she's great company, so it was great that she joined Sharna and me for dinner as we shared good food, alcohol and a very entertaining conversation, so entertaining that time flew away.


Prior to the evening we had managed to program a fantastic double with the two girls, but unfortunately Chelsea found out about a girlfriend who was coming to Melbourne one day earlier than expected and hence, she had to go after dinner. It was very nice from her to join us for the meal anyway. So when she left, I thought that was it and my night of debauchery continued one on one with Sharna.


Little did I know that on the following day, another girl I had lined-up for Saturday afternoon sent me a SMS to cancel as she wasn't feeling all that well. A real shame as I was very eager to see this other girl (and I hope that it will still happen during my next visit), but since I knew that Chelsea was meant to be working at Studio 54, I called and made a booking for 4pm. I would be her last client for the day.


Immediately after I made the booking, I contacted Sharna and said: "Guess what… I'm seeing Chelsea at 4 o'clock… what's the quickest way to Studio 54?"… now, tell me if this isn't a great personalised service: Sharna instructed me to jump on a tram, get off at Bell Street and to give her a ring on arrival that she would pick me up and take me to Studio 54. What can I say about that? Particularly when Sharna wasn't even working… that's Melbourne hospitality for you! (Okay, due to traffic conditions, Sharna made me jog near 50 metres up to where she stopped the car, which surely amused her quite a bit… the same way she was very amused at making me dance once upon a time… but I guess I cannot really complain!) :)


On top of that, Sharna had already called Studio 54 to let them know that I may be running 5 minutes late. When we arrived, she walked me in, introduced me to the receptionist… and was happy to wait for me too!




Not long after, Chelsea came to fetch me at reception wearing a very sexy outfit. She led me to one of the very spacious rooms of Studio 54 (they are huge in comparison to most places I've seen) and left me to have a shower. After a minute, she returned with some orange juice and the fun began.


We stood near the bed, and I slowly undressed Chelsea. This was alternated with some kissing from her mouth, through her neck and up to her breasts. She has very smooth skin and a little bit of body to body contact was already awakening Little AJ. The stripping continued by me getting rid of her G-string, and after a few more kisses and more caressing, we moved to the bed.


The kissing continued there and gradually I made my way South to Chelsea's very pretty shaven pussy. I remained there for a nice long while as she got wetter due to my tongue job. I suspect Chelsea really enjoyed that too. After I was done, and after sliding Little AJ on her glorious butt until it regained full strength, Chelsea decided to return the favour, but here's where Chelsea's style is quite particular. Before actually proceeding with the CBJ, she moves in way reminiscent of a lap dance and the result it's very erotic and arousing for sure. So imagine if you had a lap dance with body contact which evolves into a blowjob and then into full sex. That would certainly make strip joints worth visiting… or otherwise, you can go to a strip joint and see Chelsea right after for a most satisfactory ending.


Her oral skills are pretty good; we couldn't help engaging in a 69 position for a little while… and after that the horizontal lap dance, bodyslide or whatever else you wish to call it, seamlessly evolved into a cowgirl position, which allowed me to play with her tits, as she enthusiastically jumped up and down on me. From that we changed to missionary, which allowed for a little bit more of kissing. That was following by some great doggy action, where Chelsea puts her pornstar style to good use. I was very close to come but wanted to try caterpillar, which we did but I couldn't hold it for much longer and I came. Her inner muscles kept squeezing Little AJ while this one was still twitching.


After cleaning ourselves, I still had plenty of time for a second round (even more than what I actually thought); however, I was happy to stay there just resting and chatting. It had been a big night, and as you will see in a review still to come I already had big plans for Sunday, so the remaining of the session, we simply picked up the conversation where we left it on the previous night.


I would certainly recommend Chelsea, particularly in you're into a slightly more PSE kind of service. As I previously said, the best way to describe it is to compare it to a lap dance given by someone with a pretty hot body; a lap dance that gracefully evolves into full sex. I was a pleasure to meet her.


Fantastic adventure; once Chelsea kissed me goodbye, all I need to do was to get a ride back to my hotel from my beautiful driver Miss Sharna. Am I spoilt or what? ;)



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