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Private (VIC) - 25/07/08 - Sharna Of Melbourne



I am not sure if this would qualify as the longest double you've ever read about but since I'll probably be disqualified for a technicality, I'll just write this as part one of my Studio 54 latest adventure. I'll call it "Studio 54: The Outcall".




Now, I could also review this as "An Evening With Sharna" and go for ten uninterrupted minutes of prose (or poetry if I had a better command of the language), only to later tell you that I don't go into details because gentlemen never tell… but we all know I wouldn't do that to you. Besides, if I spent an evening with someone as hot as Sharna, I will certainly brag about it in technicolour! :)


So, I guess I'll simply start by the beginning. I have reviewed Sharna only once but I've seen her more often than that, socially and business wise. And God surely knows we do enjoy mixing them too. I actually timed this trip so we could see each other and we made all necessary plans and arrangements well beforehand to have a night of fun in Melbourne. Friday was picked as the most suitable night by her, so Friday it was. We had many options in mind but as the night approached Sharna introduced a new element into the equation. She told me that Chelsea, a very hot girl from out of town, is currently working at Studio 54, and Sharna thought she could join us and asked me if I was okay with that. I thought and thought, and thought again about it for the whole half second that took me to say "Sure…bring her on!"


A Spanish restaurant was the place chosen for the initial gathering, and I have to tell you that Sharna had warned me that after dinner maybe I would pick Chelsea over her. Naturally, I let her know that it wasn't a matter of one or the other, as a gentleman wouldn't let one girl go on her own (and yes, I could have called any of you but I chose to do otherwise :))


However, like they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. As fate would have it, a couple of hours before going out, Chelsea found out that a friend of hers was to arrive in town and hence, she would need to take off after dinner. Damn!… my hopes for my first ever double evaporated.


We met at El Matador which is inside the Robert Burns Hotel in Smith Street, Collingwood. When I arrived, Sharna introduced me to Chelsea, a redhead with a body made for sin. Luckily some AFL final on the telly was distracting most guys there, and not too much unwanted attention came our way. Anyway, over a great Paella (it was damned good indeed!) and Sangria, I realised that Sharna had been quite accurate in her description of Chelsea, who's not only hot but also happens to be a very cool chick. Unfortunately, soon the time arrived for her to say goodbye and Sharna and I remained on our own. Well, I can think of many worse scenarios than that one! LOL


Now, Sharna being Sharna, wanted to party on for a tad longer before we hit the hotel. So, she took me to this great Cocktail bar called Polly in Brunswick Street. The only thing the place needs to complete the fantastic ambiance of French-inspired decadence is working girls in lingerie. Why has no-one thought of something like that in Sydney, where mixing alcohol and sex is legal? Anyway, great cocktails and a lot of fun had by both of us. Now, as I often do in moments like that, I left my body for a few seconds to observe myself with someone so beautiful and overall, so natural like Sharna. I can't really explain it but I ought to call that pure sheer luck, because should Sharna have not liked me, I wouldn't have had a chance in hell of having her company for such an extended period of time. I think it's safe to say that everyone she likes could easily relate to this, even when her friendly and witty personality makes the task of liking her extremely easy.




Finally at the hotel and after a quick shower to refresh ourselves, the towels which for a some seconds covered our naughty bits were pulled off from each other, and off to the bedroom we went. Needless to say, that Sharna is the biggest sexual predator of the two. I'm normally ticklish around my nipples so they generally remain off-limits but it varies depending on the company and how mischievous I think they are. Well, Sharna gets the highest score in that department; with her my body gets charged with electricity and I find it difficult not to giggle like a fool when she kisses most parts of my body. Her face gives her naughty intentions away but I wonder if this is a deliberate plan on her behalf to make me take the initiative and go down on her. I know that will be giggle-free for sure and after all, so much is my gratitude to this girl that I know that's my part of the deal, and so after kissing all over each other's bodies, I simply head South and put my tongue to good use.


It generally starts gently and the build up is a slow one, but gradually becomes more passionate and more intense. Her body become more responsive and gives you permanent feedback (the body itself, that is), so you have to follow the signs given by it, when to use fingers, when to go deeper with your tongue, when to go harder with your suction. Sharna herself will help you too as she tends to push your head towards her as she gets on the verge of coming… but I think she enjoys it keeping it on the verge over and over to prolong the pleasure. So it all came to a sweet and very wet endurance exercise. But don't worry because Sharna is as greedy as she is giving, and her blowjobs, even covered ones, will take you to the edge to the extent of asking her to stop (particularly if you want to save your energy for shagging)… and energy you will need because late hours and drinks won't appease her or slow her down. The fire and passion was so contagious that even a non typically party boy like me, found the energy for some non-stop wild shagging through missionary, cowgirl, doggy and glorious caterpillar. The alcohol making it difficult to finish but so keen I am on this girl, that my body managed to keep going for a long period of time despite the odds. Finally the climax was achieved and we both collapsed just as if we had run a marathon, leaving a very messy legacy for the hotel's maids to worry about.


Now, I told you at the top that I could be writing this a the longest double you've ever read, and to make sense of this you'll need to wait for the second installment of this adventure featuring all the same characters. So, please stay tuned for "Studio 54: The Incall" or "An hour with Chelsea". :)


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