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Butterfly Relaxation Centre Gordon – xx/10/2009 – Coco




Butterfly Relaxation Centre Gordon – xx/10/2009 – Coco

Review by oldandbald


Saw this shop advertised in the Hornsby Advocate a couple of weeks ago. Thought I would give it a try.


The Shop:

Butterfly Relaxation Centre

790a Pacific Hwy Gordon

ph 9498 8844 or 9498 2899


Front door is next to the picture frame shop opposite McDonalds. There is a back door off Moree St near the Harvey Norman loading dock. There are 790a signs to follow.


The place has recently been redecorated - new paint, new carpet, what looked like a new shower in the room. The rooms are labelled "Thai Massage", "Shiatsu Massage" and "Swedish Massage". Maybe each room is set up differently.


I rang the bell at the back door and soon heard voices behind it. The door was opened by the Mamasan (a slightly chubby oriental lady) and then followed my masseuse to the room. The room had a massage table pushed against the wall (this wasn't used) and a thin foam mattress on the floor. A shower was in the corner, a couple of posters on the wall showing the Thai Massage Lines and a sign saying "Do not ask our staff for any sexual services"


The Lady:

Coco, Thai (I think), 20ish, about 5'4", slim (size 8 or possibly 6) enhanced breasts - probably small C cups. Good conversational English.


The service:

After my shower, Coco returns and remover her bra and panties asks me to lie down on the mattress on the floor. She then kneels on the mattress next to me with her thigh against me and begins the massage. She works the pressure points on the neck and back, but I would put the massage on the soft side of firm. She then gets me to spread my legs and kneels between them and massages my thighs, occasionally brushing against the sack. She then sits on my bum and massages my back. I could feel her bush against me. Then a brief bodyslide, but the enhanced breasts felt hard against my back. I like real ones ......


Turnover time and she oils up the little bald guy and starts the tug!! Technique was OK and achieved the desired outcome. Massage of the thighs followed, the turn over again for further massage of the back until time was up. She always seemed to position herself just out of reach, so I think touching would have been discouraged (I didn't try).


Prices $60/$90/$110 for 30/45/60 min


Overall, an adequate massage and OK tug. I got the impression that Coco wasn't very experienced. I may have to visit one or two of the other Thai massage places (Artarmon or Lindfield) to form a proper opinion of the quality of the massage.


Return visit? Maybe, perhaps to try one of the other styles seemingly on offer, but not immediately. Sometimes a low price does not equate to value ......


This place seemed to draw some attention from the Local Council. Reports else where indicate that in about Sep 2010, the nakedness and the tug stopped happening, then the place closed altogether. Their branch at Dee Why remained open. The Gordon place has reopened in Feb this year seemingly under new management.



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