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Oldandbald's 2009 Back Catalogue

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116 Hampden Rd Artarmon – xx/09/2009 - Jane




116 Hampden Rd Artarmon – xx/09/2009 - Jane

Review by oldandbald


Have read here about the delights of Artarmon, so decided to sample them myself. Chose 116 for no particular reason, Rang the bell at the back door and was ushered into a room. Even though it is a back door, it is not as discrete as some, what with the parking and unit blocks along Hampden Lane.


After a few minutes a lady comes in and introduces herself as Jane and asks if I wanted to stay with her. I had read Henry1's favourable review (thanks Henry), so decided on the 1 hour $150 option. (As aside, the pricelist has been altered with whiteout - maybe the price has been lowered to meet competition from the new Hotham Pde shop). Jane left the room while I had a shower (funny little quarter circular shower screen). Just as I was finishing towelling off, Jane returned and disrobed, came over to me and gave me a hug as started kissing me. We stood there for a few minutes, hugging and kissing with hands roaming, then she directs me to the bed.


The kissing and cuddling continued, playing and sucking on her nipples. Soon she laid me on my back and moved down and began to kiss me on the thighs and around the balls. Then the question "Suck with or without condom?" I opted for without. So she begins. As Henry described, the BJ was soft and sensual she began by stroking her tongue up and down the underside, then takes the head in her mouth and swirls her tongue around. Wonderful!! Then she plunges her head down and engulfs the lot (not a major achievement in my case :) ), and continues for several more minutes in a similar vein.


Next it is on with the latex and she says with a smile "Your turn now". So I make my way down and begin with some DATY. She seems to like it and is writhing away. Then into missionary and I do the best I can and me both collapse in each others’ arms. This brought us to the 25 minute mark. We cuddled for a while, then she gave me a reasonable back massage.


After about ten minutes of massage, she whispers in my ear "Want to try again?" Well I was game to try, but hadn't been successful at this for some years. So she rolls me over and begins repeat performance of the BJ. She arouses sufficient interest to apply the condom, and we begin.


Part way through, she orders "Faster, harder, I want to come." So I obliged to the best of my abilities and she begins screaming "O god, O god" (don't they all?). Then I felt her orgasm. I was unable to come for the second time so called it quits. She tried to finish me off by hand, but it wasn't going to happen. My problem, not any shortcoming on the part of Jane. We cuddled for a couple of minutes until time was up. After I had showered, and dressed, she led me to the door and gave me a hug and goodnight kiss.


Overall, a very pleasant.


If you want athletic sex in a variety of positions, then she is not the lady for you, but if you are after an intimate, sensual experience with convincing affection then look here. Great value for North of the Bridge as well.


However: Individual results may vary.


I renewed my acquaintance with Jane in November 2010, and have paid several (many??) visits to her since. I think I can safely say she is my current favourite. A review of my reunion with her has been posted in the Forum.



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