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Back Seamed Stockings and Garter Belts

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SPFX makeup and my medical fantasy

Dita Butterflys


I love when my two passions in life get to over lap. Its hard not telling my straight life contacts about the kinky over lap at times- esp because I get lost and forget who I am talking to lol.


I have always had a secret fetish for medical play. Something I don't usually put out there but something about blogging gets me revealing things that I am often too shy to.


Lately studying special effects make up gives me an excuse to indulge my sadistic streak, love of horror (despite a weak stomach) and explore some medical toys that can be incorporated into play.


I make no secret of my love of kink- BDSM- yet strangely I am not as big a lover of pain play- receiving that is. I get off on giving it- the one switch thing I do lol. Yet, when it comes to medical the pain just heightens the rush for me. I suppose it is more acceptable in this setting. Or perhaps the increase of adrenaline means I can get lost.

Dont get me wrong I am not talking about needle play, or any skin breaking things.... Or enemas- OMG NO! I can understand others doing this but for me the thought causes me to break out in a cold sweat- and not the good kind lol. I mean more stainless steel medical toys. Being forced to be submissive and just take it. I dont know why it just gets me off.


So the ability to research things like this for school and enjoy my dirty fantasies.... something so erotic!


Mind you, this is all just a fantasy for me. I suppose that is the good thing about fantasies. You can imagine anything and know you are safe, and secure in that. I suppose finding the person who is right to turn this into a real life thing is key. Having said that, somethings are just best left in the mind.


One plus- any injury I sustain during play- or through curling my hair (trying to anyway)- means I am armed with some great real life references for my special effects classes.

So boys, if you want to help a struggling student- any injuries- please don't be shy- send as many pics as possible! lol.

Who'd have thought- my lack of co ordination and accident prone nature could actually work to benefit me :D


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