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TheProf adventures at kittens 30 sep 09







After my very pleasant visit to Club Striptease I decided I would like to see more naked ladies and the night was still young, So where too I had been to MG and Goldfingers last week thought No. So I ask the GPS turns out kittens is not far from CS so its decided.

I will say up front sorry but this review doesn't have any names as I really did forget as soon as they where told to me.

Walk in, its pretty quite more Girls than men, this looks good. A couple very hot girls in the corner but I noticed they are doing the Boy Friend thing just pop on stage for their dance and retire to same bloke all night.

As is usual for kittens wasn't long before several girls pushed them selves up hard against me asking if I like a private dance. I was really here just to soak up the atmosphere so said no.

Then along came a lady who finally convinced me I need the kittens treatment she even gave me a discount $30.00 for three songs.

She was about 5 ft darkish skin nice firm body and really firm fake boobs and I think she had invisible braces on her teeth. She also was the only lady not have a tattoo anywhere I didn't notice but she pointed this out to me. She also had a lovely infectious laugh.

Into the room pulls up my top and says I like skin on skin no objection here. She then starts a nice close personal dance ending with her sliding her body down the exposed part of mine.

We finished she took back into the club we chat for a while give me a couple of nice kisses and then said I have got go and make some money.

She popped around for the rest of the night giving me the odd flash of Boob and quick kiss even though she knew was unlikely I would have a second dance.


Had chats with several other nice ladies from USA, England and other places on girl told that a lot are back packers looking to make a bit of money for the next leg of there trip in AUS and they love the work as they can set there work load to suite there touring needs.

But I'm sure its not something they put in the postcards back home Mum and Dad.


So even though I didn't remember the names I don't think it really matters as they seem to turn over pretty quickly as I was there 8 month ago and didn't anyone i recognized from my last visit.

I think with kittens you have go with the flow look for a lady that clicks and go with her.


Kittens always the girl are much friendlier and touching is good the down side is the smoking I got home and threw all my clothes in the wash it stank that bad. It only reason that Kittens it always on my list to visit.





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