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39 Ryedale Road, West Ryde - 04/04/08 - Jennifer




Not much information on this place. It's opposite the railway station at West Ryde. I'd been here a long time ago and remembered it as nothing special. It's similar to a lot of Asian shops in the area, particularly the ones at Eastwood. Reasonably clean room with massage table, separate shower which was a bit grubby. In need of a woman's touch I thought I'd try it again and get some up to date details.


Only one lady was available, Jennifer who was from Korea and funnily enough was a brunette :) . I think they usually only have 2 ladies working here. Here English was quite good.


She was very organised and took control. I was tired so didn't try to change that and was happy enough to let that be. She was very nice but you did feel you were on the production line. For those that like the boring details it was catbath, CBJ, cowgirl, mish and finish in doggie. She seemed to be enjoying herself once the pumping started.


Altogether an OK experience and nothing special but it does the job for the price. These places are very much the same like that, with the odd exception of discovering a really hot, passionate gem who then becomes a regular, with the disadvantage that it has to be a certain night of the week (usually different ladies every night).


90 for half, 130 for 45 and 160 for the hour. More often than not you get what you pay for but it's OK in terms of value for money.



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