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Private (VIC) - 02/11/08 - Ling 4 You



"These days I would have worded this review quite differently. It was still early days for me and perhaps the pleasure of finding an Asian private influenced me. I can remember agonising over this review and asking some fellow punters for some advice before I posted it. It was a pretty ordinary punt in a lot of ways. I ended up being far too diplomatic. So much so that this review ended up up being part of Ling's advertising. :lol:


With the benefit of hindsight I was truly manipulated big time. Despite the promise of a GFE it was anything but. As an example in response to my attempts at DATY Ling said "I don't really like feeling wet down there." I guess you live and learn and I apologie to any punters out there to whom I have inadvertently given the wrong impression.


No, let me be frank. It was a crap review which didn't really reflect my feelings about the encounter. If I had to summarise the review in a word, it would be disappointing."


I had my eye on Ling from before she was a sponsor here (FIA) and when one of my visits to Melbourne coincided with her October special I thought I would check out the rareness of an Asian private WL. I booked her for an hour at $250. I was also intrigued by the very mixed reviews of her.


Ling mentioned that she didn't like reading all the detail in reviews on here, so being the gentleman I am I'll keep it short.


I found Ling great fun to be with. She's very cheeky and provides a reasonable service. She's pretty new to this game and that showed on a few occasions, although she was obviously doing her best to please and was very attentive. The photos of her are definitely real, and no way would I describe her as "piss poor".


I had an SMS from her after she had left thanking me for the time with her which was a lovely touch.


There were a few disappointing things about the meeting but overall I had a good time with Ling, especially at the end when the sight of that lovely petite body meant that I couldn't hold out any longer. Would I see her again? I think I would, but maybe I would wait for another special. I have a feeling she may well mature like a fine wine given time. I'd like to give her some more practice. :blink:


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Thanks henry for putting up this review of Ling now that she has returned.

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I have also been very tempted to book her.

Might have to book a room in the CBD.....and give her a call

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