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Back Seamed Stockings and Garter Belts

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Poppin my cherry (blog virginity anyway)

Dita Butterflys


Welcome guys and gals to my FIRST blog!


Here I will give a little glimpse into work at Butterflys from my perspective.... A perspective colored, perhaps, by my kinda old skool ways. Lets just say I fantasize about being a house wife in the 50's waiting to greet my man with a martini then being one of the first to begin the swinging 60's car key partner swapping trysts. Perhaps this is a glimpse into madness no one needs lol.


I will give a sneak peak into how I add to my service as I evolve in my working gal role, preview pin up photo shoot ideas/works (I was bitten by the pin up bug last year and just cant get enough) and even share some kinky exploits outside the realms of my work!


My blog will be a whirl wind of all the things I am trying to stuff into the busy little place that is my like atm. Being a (naughty) dedicated school girl, a sex worker, aspiring pin up model and a greedy little kinkster.


Hope this brings some exciting reading- if not something to put a smile on your dial!


As I am meant to be studying for a fashion catwalk assessment (tonight at 6:30pm) I best depart.


Dita xxx







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Welcome Dita!

a little crazy in the right places makes life interesting :)




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Bring it on Dita. Sounds chunk funk groovy as do you. Wouldn't mind spinning some vinyl on your groovy record player either.

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Dita Butterflys


LOL thank u Mr Fever.... OMG I love Disco! Earth Wind and Fire and the BeeGees... I love glittery tops, short shorts and platforms as well so really works for me.... stuck btwn the 50's and 70's lol

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