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Some reviews of the lovely girls at club striptease 29-09-09 - Jacinta A nice case of mistaken identity




Club Striptease - 29-09-09 - Jacinta A nice case of mistaken identity

I'd reviewed Jessie from Club X a while ago and Sexy_Celeste at Club Striptease said the Jessie was now Jacinta at club striptease. This immediately put her on my see list.



So I rang CS to see if Jacinta was on spoke to someone I thought was Neil* and he said "Yes and she a nice girl" , so into the car the GPS knows the way by now.

I arrive Neil says take a seat, I pause and ask if Jacinta is free, she is so I book for 40 minutes sight unseen.

Into the room and to wait, then in walks this hot late twentyish blond its Jacinta, but its not the Jessie I remember from Club X she did work under the name of Jessie there. I have done a bit more research and maybe she is the same girl I just thought her tits where bigger maybe theprof is getting confused in his later years.


So we have a little chat she thinks she knows me I say no we haven't meet before. We connect I can see Jacinta loves her work.

She starts her dance removes her little black number to reveal a hot size 8 body, Next of comes the bra she moves closer I can see lovely pierced nipple and belly button. Slowly turning around to reveal her latest body art a string of butter flies across her back. Jacinta now stops has a ask how I'd like the dance to proceed with a beautiful semi naked lady standing in front I am so stunned so I let her take the lead.



At first she dance just a little out of reach I beckon her to come closer to which she complies. Theprof now has a chance to do very up close inspection of her beautiful body, she like Miranda likes a nice gentle touch.

As I asked if liked what I doing to her she said "Yess. But I am here to please you not me." All in all a fine lady to spend some time with.

All too soon the dance is over we chat some I more I ask if its OK to write a review she says yes and is quite excited by the idea of a review.

She only works night and some weekends but said to me she doesn't like getting up to early.

Would I return yes I would love to.


*For those that don't know Neil is the owner and operator.











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