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Gateway Club - 15/03/08 - Jazz



I was suffering of punting withdrawal and decided to have a non-scheduled punt.




I called Allure to see who was around, hoping to catch up with Billie maybe but she wasn't on. The rest of the line-up did not entice me, so I decided to venture somewhere else. Still exploring the Parramatta Road brothels, I went to The Golden Cat in Broadway for the first time in my life. I tried the rear entrance on Grose Street and went all the way up the high stairs (I imagine you don't want to be kicked out that way). I was pleasantly surprised by its interior, which is nicer and bigger than what I had imagined. Prices are not bad by comparison (I think it's $230 p/h… $100 less than Stiletto). Unfortunately, only two girls on and none of them was my cup of tea; so I kept going.


Still in an adventurous mood, my next stop was Purrfection in Camperdown. I had been there once before but there weren't any girls due to a car breakdown (they were all coming from the Central Coast)… but this time, I kept ringing and there was no answer at all despite the sign that said "open".


A short walk took me to Stiletto, where to the horror of their staff, a guy stinking of booze asked me where the entrance was. I guided him to it and rang the bell. The receptionist who opened the door thought we were together but when I told her we weren't, with panic on her face, she actually asked the other guy to wait outside!… Yes, he was drunk (but probably she had not realised that yet). Another receptionist came to fetch him anyway. The girls who said hi didn't do much for me; I asked for Victoria and she was in a booking an hour away; Hannah was busy too. Keira was available but I had a mental lapse remembering her reviews and that I had met her once… and I was also rather annoyed because the receptionist came back way before I had met all available girls; I saw at least four other girls walking to say hi to the drunken guy!… one even attempted to come in while the receptionist was trying to sell me the two available blondes… but maybe because she was brunette, she turned around and did not even bother finishing her walk. Mind you, it's the second time this happens to me at Stiletto.


So, I kept going to the Gateway Club and try my luck there. When I walked in it was just the way I like it: no guys and many girls, who were around the bar. Now, the line-up wasn't bad, particularly if you're into Caucasian girls but a few were chubby. So, the choice was mainly between Holly and Jazz, who came last pretty much when I was thinking of booking Holly. Two hotties really and after a bit of a mental struggle I went for Jazz. I basically informed the receptionist that Jazz was my choice, and when Jazz came to ultimate the details of the booking, I asked her if kissing and DATY were available. They indeed were, which made me book her for 45 minutes as opposite to the 30 I initially thought of. However, bear in mind that only light lip kissing was on offer, not DFK.




Jazz is a surf chick originally from Queensland, she has shoulder length blond hair; she's a size 8 or 10 tops, 170 cm tall with B cups; she has a pretty face and brown eyes (I suspect she's not a natural blonde but the evidence was all nicely waxed or shaven away). She also has a few tattoos but nothing too big. I guess she's in her thirties and she reminded me a bit of actress Maria Bello (just google her for pics!).


Jazz fetched me a drink and guided me to one of the rooms upstairs. After a quick inspection and shower, I found her naked in front one of the mirrors. I approached her from behind and started kissing her neck while Little AJ found its natural position on Jazz's bumcrack… so a little bit of that and perving on the mirror, and then I turned her around for a bit of kissing which gradually lead to me going South for some DATY that I applied to completion. I think she really enjoyed that and then she returned the favour with a pretty decent CBJ.


Sex started with cowgirl and almost finishes with cowgirl. I did not punt last weekend so that had me extra horny. On top of that, not only Jazz enjoyed having her nipples kissed while we were shagging, but I also had the great idea of digitally penetrating her even if just slightly (Jazz had told me that she does a bit of Greek which made me think she'd be okay with it… I think Little AJ was very envious of my index finger but this one was a budget bonk after all). With her jumping enthusiastically, the end was more than eminent. However, I managed to hold it just enough to chance position to doggy and come that way only minutes later.


Looking back at it, I would've had time for a second round but not sure of how much time left we had nor when the buzz would go off, I didn't want to risk it. I hate being interrupted by the buzzer when I'm having sex. It is a shame I didn't go for a second round because in the end we had plenty of time. Jazz offered me a massage but I asked her to just relax and we had fun listening to the action next door where a punter was having a double. That's one of the things about the Gateway Club; there are doors that communicate the rooms and sounds goes through them very easily. The girls next door were extremely vocal and even some slapping took place!… Someone out there would have a very interesting review to post if he was a forum member.


All in all, I had a very decent time with Jazz. You'll need to lead the conversation though as she won't go out of her way to keep it going. Still a friendly beach girl, nice to look at and shag. As an aside, I had a chance to look at the "party room" on my way out; huge room and very nice (I think I've only seen something similar at Studio 54 in Melbourne).


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