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Stiletto - xx/04/08 - Sky



Went to see Sky during the day time.


Young Aussie girl with blonde hair past her shoulders.

About 175-177 cm tall.


Website says B cup but she looks more to be an A.


I recognize her from Bodyrotic - her name was Matilda there.


Happy girl, gives good service. Young thin body with soft skin.


She tries to deep throat you with the CBJ.

Didn't try DATY. I was just not interested and we did not click.

Deterred me from the nipples very quickly


Did not ask about kissing as her face looked like someone I knew.


The pictures of her on the website do not portray her accurately at all.

The girl on the website is very toned and atheletic. She is more girl next door type.


She's a good punt if you want a young blonde Aussie girl but not what I expected from the pictures and I was quite disappointed.


When the buzzer rang we stopped right away.

With previous punts there the girls I was with kept going for awhile.


After I left post shower, I realized I had 10 minutes left in the session.

Was not happy about that at all.


Perhaps it is just the cost of Stiletto now that makes me expect a better quality of service and better quality of girl. I will not be back for a long time.




It was girls like her that completely put me off Stiletto.

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I recently had an experience there.


As far as I am concerned Stiletto's is :



-girls want extra, extra.....read all about it!!! They may as well sell newspaper on the street...extra extra read all about it;

-reception staff rude;

-ATM never works so you have to use credit card, etc....


Certainly not a punters paradise rather a horror movie.


Never going there again....there are better places

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