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Stiletto - 02/03/08 - Hannah



On Sunday evening I went out and ended up at Stiletto. Only three girls were available (I’m not sure if they were really busy or if they’re rostering fewer girls. I noticed the same last week).




A Kiwi girl called Hannah was my choice and despite I know Kiwi girls have been making a bad name for themselves over there, I just went with my gut feeling of Hannah being a nice girl. She wasn’t only nice but pretty too.


Now, if I told you that she is one of these girls who don’t kiss and who don’t let clients go down on them without a dam, you’ll probably think that I threw $200 down the drain. Well, I find myself in the rare situation of telling you that she was one of these girls but I must also tell you that I’m still quite happy with my choice.


I think the Stiletto web site does a very good job at describing Hannah:


Hannah is a delightful Kiwi oozing sophistication, class and a certain "real worldly woman" quality that you will find hard to resist. Sexy, smooth long legs, pretty face and full D cup natural bust.


Age: 26

Stature: medium

Figure: busty

Height: 165


Eye Colour: green

Skin Colour: bronze

Hair Colour: brunette


Bust: 34D"

Waist: 28"

Hips: 37"


They did get the hair colour wrong, since it’s dark blond and with curls. Her face shows a remote resemblance to Michelle Pfeiffer; not her body though, which is very curvy yet all contained in a size 10 or approximate. This is one for those who love boobs because she has a lovely natural pair with light pink nipples. She also has very soft skin, which for some reason turned me on big time.


However, it was that “worldly” quality described on the Stiletto site that has given her a good sense of humour and a flexible nature (despite her choice of not offering some things not even for extra money).




As for the session itself, she started by kissing my chest and neck, and I did the same to her; we then moved to the bed where after kissing her legs and tummy, her fortress remained unfortunately closed and I didn’t want to bother with a dam, so I turned her around, applied some lube on Little AJ and off we went for some sliding on her butt. I think she liked this and as Little AJ grew bigger and bolder, I couldn’t help noticing a cheeky smile on her face. She soon would be applying a condom with her lips and performing a pretty decent CBJ.


The sex then started with some cowgirl; that way I had a great view of her lovely boobs that I kept massaging as she enthusiastically jumped up and down. Her skin and smell was a pleasure to be in contact with and after a bit of missionary (a term that made her laugh), I couldn’t hold it any longer and came. We still had a bit of time to finish our drinks before shower time.


So, would I see her again? Well, I guess it depends on my mood… if I’m after a more generous experience, probably not. However, I said this was a rare situation, and that’s mainly so because I enjoyed this session maybe even more than some others where both kissing and DATY have been allowed. So, it’s weird indeed but put it down to chemistry between strangers. It would be interesting to see what a second visit brings.


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