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Bodyrotic – Nov 2009 - Tiffany



I have read the previous review of Tiffany and saw her in an intro a couple of weeks ago.


Sure enough, that night she was the hottest sweetest girl among the 6 available.


Just to be sure I asked if it was OK to touch her and possibly kiss her body. She looked at me with a confused expression, almost like 'duh? of course?'


She smiled and said yes but not 'down there'.



Well that's good enough for me. I booked her for 30 mins.


It took her a while to get back to me.


She proceeded to take off her bra and panties shyly. Sitting on the massage table, I was watching her the whole time.Nice smooth skin. Beautiful eyes and face. A bit of chin developing and the body is not slim but womanly.


She walked over and stood between my open dangling legs. Nice melon shaped breasts with large nipples. I hugged her and felt her breasts on my chest. Gave a kiss on her shoulder. The mirror gave a great view of her bums. My hands wandered a bit here and there. Then I released her and looked at her eyes, telling her that I could just hold her like that for days. She smiled. Not convinced.


'Can I kiss your nipples?' 'Yes'


I lowered my head and with one hand lifted her right breast and fed it to my eager mouth. (Yes it had to be lifted course of its shape. Mind you it is not sagging) Licking and sucking it, then moved to the next one. Nice.


A couple of minutes, she have had enough of that..... not wanting to get too turn on I guessed. She asked me to lie down so she can start the massage.


I didn't expect much since I read the previous review but I let her do her thing. She was very concentrating on the job at hand, massaging my legs for a few minutes.


Then my back. She then climbed up and use her breasts to slide along my back. I can understand the difficulties in bodysliding since her breasts were more like 'papaya' shaped. That would make it quite hard to do a smooth body slide. The view in the mirror was good with her naked body on me. I tried to look at her pussy but it was always obscured somehow.


Time to turn around. She sat on my left thigh, bent down and used her breasts on my cock, slid up my chest. I lifted up my thigh trying to give her some pleasure/pressure between her legs. My mouth moved up whenever her breasts came up near me and sucked on them. Nice.


I asked if I can see her clit. She said...err you mean reversed body slide? I nodded.


She then climb over me in a 69 position, presenting me a great view of her pussy. It's opened! Pink and moist, forming a pink 'O'.


She was a bit turned on. I touched the puff and massaging using my fingers. That pink 'O' was just inches from my nose and my tongue. I was really turned on.


She started giving me a hand job in that 69 position. I looked down to see if it was a two fingered hand job as described in the previous review and sure enough it was.


I said to her can you grab it like this... showing her with my hand. So she grabbed the whole cock with lots of warm oil.


With her opened pink pussy inches from my nose, my thumbs and index fingers opening and closing it and her jerking me off with hot oil, I came quite intensely.



It was good. I will be back for her soon. YMMV




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