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Club 350 Chatswood - Mar 2009 - Angelina




Angelina is a uni student, 19, about 172 cm, 58kg, dark blonde hair?, shaved and concealed, blue/green eyes a bit like Bo Derek, her face below the eyes becomes a bit plain, cone shaped breasts and nipples.

The only thing I enjoyed about Angelina was that her breasts reminded me of Brooke Shield's in Blue Lagoon. ( I can see a few of you oldies are jumping into the car to Chatswood just to have a taste of Blue Lagoon...haha)


She was the first RnT girl I've met that actually gasped when I licked/sucked her nipples. Her face was all flushed when she got turned on a little and had to quickly get herself out of the situation by moving away.


I asked her when was her first time and she had to make up a lie and said 'I think about 2 years ago... I don't remember' That's why I even think she is still a virgin.


And she scared of cock! When I hugged her, she actually lifted her lower body away from me as if I had a knife down below....LOL I found it amusing at the time.


She said she doesn't need sex. Not even masturbation. (sounds like me...LOL)


She could be a real turn off during the sessions with her replies and virgin-like antics.


Her insistence on doing more of the lackluster massage and 'breasts grind' almost prompted me to give up and went to sleep instead.


I felt like I was getting a hole drilled on my shoulder blade by a pair of cone shaped drill breasts/bits ...LOL


I would say she really believed we paid $125 for a lame massage and a 'breasts press/grind'.





Eroticism 0/10 (Although she may think its 10/10 since she took the $15 change assuming its my tips)

Massage 2/10 (for effort and the aftermath head massage)

Breasts 9/10 (plus she let me play with them for a bit)

HJ 1/10 (I had to mentally got myself over as I was getting bored)




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