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Stiletto - 28/12/07 - Kendall



Went to see Kendall - a young kiwi blonde under 20 who is working to pay the bills. She is a Uni student from a well-off family who flies to Sydney to work.


She has a very ditzy, sexy, blonde look about her with big blue eyes and large natural breasts and a great body. I can't remember how tall she was exactly but maybe around 170 cm?


She seemed very friendly in the intro and touched my hand so I picked her. It was a mistake. She provided a very limited service. She even positions her legs in such a way so you cannot penetrate her fully. Her BJ isn't very good and she fakes her moans. She does not pretend very well and always looks away when you are having sex with her.


I went to see her twice to see if the service would improve and although we had a better conversation, the sex was just as bad as the first visit. She tries to give the impression that she is more experienced beyond her years and that she knows how to have sex but she is very inexperienced and perhaps maybe a bit arrogant as well. She can only do reverse cowgirl giving some strange reason why CG isn't possible.


I stayed for an hour both times MSOG. No kissing, no mutual oral, no BLS. I will not go back again.



Worst lay ever.


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