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Juanita (The Crimson Rose) - Chapter 4 - The First Encounter



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Wednesday, 7 August 2002


Part 1 - Not Your Everyday Workday

"Honey, I'll be a little late home tonight!" shouted Leon to Carina who was still enjoying her morning shower."


"OK Darling about what time will we see you?" she shouted back.


"I have a meeting planned for about six thirty." answered Leon who was telling the truth and nothing but the truth, if not the whole truth "I should be home by around eight or half past. You guys go ahead and eat, don't wait for me."


"I'll call you sometime during the day Leon. Drive carefully!"


"You too Honey!"


Leon felt uneasy at not being totally honest with Carina for possibly the first time in his life. His guilty thoughts were momentarily distracted by the telephone ringing, which he answered.


"Who was it Dad?" asked Simone, Leon and Carina's older daughter.


It seemed to Leon, that Simone was the officer-in-charge of the telephone. Ninety-nine percent of the time the calls were for her. Anyone who contacted Leon or Carina regularly, used their mobiles as it was almost always impossible to get through on 'Simone's telephone'. As often as not, she even had someone on call waiting. The one percent of times the call was for Leon or Carina, Simone still wanted to know who it was, the logic of which always eluded Leon.


"Oh it was just Luke saying he didn't need a lift into work today. He's been ill all night."


"Why didn't he call your mobile like he usually does Dad?" asked Simone as if to suggest Leon shouldn't be using talk time on her telephone and completely unperturbed by Luke illness.


"He tried but he said it was turned off and he needed to catch me before I drove out to his place to pick him up. Sorry we used your phone Sim." half-joked Leon.


"That's OK Dad. Its just I'm sort of expecting an important call."


"How curious." Leon muttered sarcastically to himself as he walked out to the car. "Simone expecting a call?"


Leon was disappointed Luke was not going into work with him. Luke was one of Leon's oldest and best friends. They'd known each other since high school but rekindled their friendship when their respective careers collided in their current jobs. Luke was an accountant and for the last six years has managed, exceptionally well, all of the financial and accounting aspects of Leon's projects. Leon trusted Luke explicitly on any matter, business or personal and he'd considered discussing on their way to work, his plan for visiting The Fetish and Fantasy that evening.


As he drove to work in the Melbourne central business district, Leon's mind didn't wander far from his impending visit to The Fetish and Fantasy which he'd been planning for over three weeks. He began to contemplate how and when the desire had begun and what surprised him was that he couldn't actually remember a single moment that prompted the strange craving. His mind continued to flick from thought to thought never stopping long enough on any one question to finalise an answer. "Was it something in a movie I saw perhaps subconsciously or something I read in the paper. This is frustrating. Was that strange feeling that cam over me in South America the start of it? I wonder what Carina would do if she found out. Is it worth the risk? The lady on the phone sounded nice enough. Will they be responsive or automated? What am I doing? Why am I doing this? This is frustrating."


Leon was distracted the entire day and without his numbers man Luke at work, Leon's day was one he'd rather forget. As bad as the day was, he couldn't stop asking the questions in his mind over and over.


"Where did this come from? Why now? What do I expect to get out of it?"


He decided that the best course of action was to stop beating himself up, to stop analysing it and just go along a find out what it's all about. Once the mystery was stripped away he figured he'd find himself bored stiff with the whole thing and it would be just a distant memory he could chuckle about occasionally. Leon battled through the remainder of the day until about five thirty when he logged off his computer and announced to his personal assistant Mary, that he was leaving early.





Part 2 - The Intro

Good evening Darl, please come in." said Gabby in a friendly voice to the enquirer she didn't recognise as a regular.




"Take a seat. My name's Madame Gabriel. Is there anything or anyone in particular you were looking for or would you like to start by meeting the mistresses."


"I don't really know where to start, I've never done this before. I guess I should meet the mistresses and take it from there. I don't mind telling you I'm a little nervous."


"That's not surprising, its rather a daunting place the first time. Just relax and you'll have a wonderful time." said Gabby in a reassuring voice.


"What's your first name Darl?"


"Sorry I should have introduced myself, my names Leon. Leon Ba" he said as Gabby interrupted him.


"Your first name is enough around here Darl."


"OK! Sure. That's fine by me." said Leon nervously.


"There are four mistresses working tonight but one is currently engaged in a two hour session. So right now I have Mistress Cobra available, she's tall, slim and quite strict. She's very capable and my most experienced mistress in all facets. I have Mistress Juanita, a gorgeous South American lady who is extremely popular among her clientele. Mistress Juanita tends to be a little more lenient and playful. And I have Mistress Teresa. Mistress Teresa is still serving her apprenticeship but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm. May I suggest though, if this is your first session, you opt for either the experience of Mistress Cobra or Mistress Juanita."


"I'm happy to take your recommendation Gabriel. May I please meet them both, they both sound very nice?"


"Sure Darl. They'll be through to see shortly. Would you like a tea or coffee; some water perhaps?"


"Not for me thanks."


"Make yourself comfy, the Mistresses won't be long."


Gabby left a nervous Leon in the introduction room and went to the staff room where the conversation between the Mistresses was still in full swing.


"Girls!" she said in a rather officious voice.


"I have Leon, a raw newbie, waiting next door and he'd like an intro with you Cobra and you Juanita. It's his first time girls, make sure its not his last, OK." instructed Gabby.


Cobra was the first to do an introduction. She tried to put on her sweetest disposition to encourage Leon. He was not intimidated but her naturally stern nature made him feel uneasy. Juanita went in second and immediately Leon felt more comfortable.


"Hello there, my name is Mistress Juanita, I believe this will be your first time in a dungeon?"


"Yes, ah Hi. Yes it will be my first time. I'm sorry if I'm a little nervous about all this."


"Never mind! If you weren't a little nervous I'd be worried. Do you have something in mind already for your session or do you want me to give you some ideas?"


"I've nothing specific in mind, I really wanted to explore a little and see where it takes me. I can tell you what I don't want even if I can't tell you what I do want."


"OK then." said Juanita "that's an excellent start. Its most important for a mistress to know what's out of bounds, it's a little like braking comes before accelerating when learning to drive a car."


"Yes it is, I suppose." said Leon consumed by Juanita's beauty.


"Let me put your mind at rest about your session right at the start. Firstly, nothing will happen to you in a dungeon at The Fetish and Fantasy unless you want it to happen and secondly, at any time you want to stop you just say the word 'hot' and it stops. From time to time a mistress may ask you how you're coping. You are to answer with the word 'cool' if everything is cool, warm if you are still coping but nearing your limit or, as I said, 'hot' if you want the activity to stop. Do you feel a little better now?"


"A little bit! I mean the nerves aren't really because I'm worried about what will happen to me its more that this whole thing is so exciting and mysterious. It's a case of the excitement creating nervous energy."


"I'm glad!" smiled Juanita. "Now did you want to tell me what the aspects are that you wish not to experience."


"I don't wish to sound too restrictive but I'm not at all interested in extreme pain or anything even close."


"That's fine. What most people want to know as they begin this fascinating journey is that they aren't paying good money to have some self-interested mistress inflict an overdose of pain upon their innocent and tender butt. The thought of a caning or a nipple clamp brings distress to most beginners only to have them return time and again in the pursuit their personal limits and understanding of their willpower, their courage and their strengths. Even if you asked me to, I wouldn't inflict serious pain upon you as a beginner but I will in your own time and at your own request. It may be months or it may be years but you will call for it in time. What your are embarking upon, perhaps without knowing it, is a programme of personal growth and an expedition of self discovery. What it is not, I can tell you from experience, is a solitary occurrence."


"May I chose you please Juanita." asked Leon quite naively.


"Of course you may but you'll need to tell Madame Gabriel when she returns shortly. How long were you planning to stay this evening?"


"I was thinking of just half an hour for the first time to see how it goes, if that's OK?"


"Of course it's OK. Don't ever forget, its your session but equally don't forget, its my dungeon. Your role is to ensure during this, our communications time, that your requirements are made fully clear to Mistress but once in the dungeon your trust and faith are in Mistress's interpretation. In the dungeon there is no communication about the session structure. All you have available to you at that stage are the safe-words to enable you to terminate anything that is not meeting your need. Now, why don't we conduct the first session like this...."


Juanita went on to explain her thoughts on the structure of the first session to Leon who happily agreed to the plan. About five minutes after Juanita left the introduction room, Gabby returned, collected the fee from Leon and beckoned him to follow.


"I'll take you to 'The Bastille' Darl, I think you'll like it best."


"Thanks!" said Leon who couldn't help but say out load what he was thinking, "Man she's beautiful."


"Yes, Mistress Juanita is lovely. Don't ever forget she's not just all looks either, she's got a very active and thinking mind in her head. She's the complete package."


"I'm sure I'll not forget. Bye the way, do you name all of the dungeons?"


"Sure Darl! We have pet names for them all. There's 'The Bastille' where we are going now, its probably the nicest, well it is according to Mistress Juanita anyway. There's also 'The Dungeon of Ghosts', 'The Electric Chair', 'Alcatraz', 'The Surgery' and "The Sissy Room' which is best suited to a dress up session.


"Why The Dungeon of Ghosts" asked Leon genuinely interested.


"Next time Darl, next time." said Gabby. "OK this is 'The Bastille'. Please come inside. I'll leave you now and Mistress Juanita will return shortly. You are to have a shower, leave your cloths on that stool in the corner and await Mistress Juanita's return standing completely naked in front of, and facing, the fireplace. Immediately Mistress Juanita returns you are to follow every instruction to the letter. Is that clear?" Gabby was following Juanita's suggestion which was to capitalise on Leon's nervous excitement and build the tension even before she came to the dungeon.


"Very clear Gabby but I'm not sure about being naked, couldn't I just wrap a towel."


"Madame Gabriel not Gabby when you are in a dungeon."


"Yes Madame Gabriel!" said Leon starting to catch on.


"Mistress Juanita insists that in the type of session you have agreed on, the slave is to be completely naked. She may get you to put something on when she arrives but its her decision, not mine and certainly not yours."


"Yes Madame."


Leon was quick to undress and shower only to find himself waiting for nearly ten minutes, which felt much longer, for the return of Juanita.





Part 3 - Leon's First Session With Juanita

Leon heard footsteps and thought to himself "Its about time she returned, I must have been standing here for half an hour. God I feel embarrassed standing here with no cloths on. I feel really stupid. I should've wrapped a towel when I had a chance."


The door slowly opened Juanita stomped in imposingly to where she stopped immediately in front of Leon. In immaculate, knee length, black stilettos, she stood much taller than her natural one hundred and seventy centimetres and she looked stunning. Leon could only fleetingly divert his eyes from her exquisite face and only then to gaze, stunned, at her breasts which were oozing out of the red long under-bust, latex bra. In perfect harmony, she wore a red, latex, mini skirt which was a short as Leon could remember ever seeing.


"My God!" said Leon, followed by his final two phrases of free speech, "Juanita you're absolutely stunning. I'm so glad I picked you."


"Slave, I will forgive you this transgression because you are new to my dungeon. You are slave virgin and I'm going to take your virginity from you. This process will start with the following basic instruction which you will hear and obey. Number One, you will not to speak until I command you to speak or I ask you a question which you will then answer with the truth. When you speak on my command or answer my question you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Juanita, definitely not Juanita - how dare you call me Juanita in my dungeon. Have I made myself clear enough for you slave?"


"Yes I understand." responded Leon not knowing if Juanita was serious or playing the mistress role.


"Are you stupid slave? You are to answer with 'Yes Mistress', I just told you that. Are you stupid?"


"No Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress."


"That's better slave, perhaps you are not stupid, just a slow learner. Lets try the second rule. Number Two, you will not make eye contact with me under any circumstances. This will be treated as a serious act of disrespect. Do you understand?"


"Yes Mistress." said Leon starting to believe Mistress Juanita was for real.


"Well done slave, you are learning faster now, I'm pleased. I think you are ready for the third rule and this one you will practice until you get it right if it takes all night. Number Three, you will not stand in my presence without my permission. Instead you are to assume 'slave position'. To do this you will drop to your knees and lean forward until you forehead is resting on the floor. Go ahead slave, do it as I instruct you. Place your hands in front of you with your palms facing up. Flatten the back of those hands on the floor. Flatten them more."


To emphasis the point that a slave's hands need to be flat, Juanita placed the tow of her stiletto on Leon's left hand and with great control, moved more and more weight on to the hand until it was in the correct position. She then repeated the lesson with the right hand.


"That's good slave. Knees apart slave, by at least the width of your shoulders. That's better. Now I can see all of you, if I want to. You are now to tell me the first three important rules slave and don't forget I have my cane here to remind you, should you be as slow a learner, as I think you are. You may speak slave."


"Yes Mistress. The first rule is that I will not speak without your permission. The second is I will not make eye contact with you and the third is I must wait for you in slave position Mistress."


"Very good slave!" said Juanita as she gave Leon a sharp wrap across the bare buttocks with the cane.


"What was that for I got them all right Mistress?"


"What it was for slave is because I felt like it. This is my dungeon and I don't need to explain my actions to you, you disrespectful slave. Do I?"


"No Mistress! I'm very sorry Mistress!"


"You are going to be, for breaking rule Number One, speaking without permission. Do you remember that rule slave?"


"Yes Mistress."


"Stand up slave and hold our both of your hands. Put the thumb to the side and lower than your palms. Each stroke of my cane you are to count and thanks me as in one thank you Mistress, two thank you Mistress and so on. Are you ready for this slave?"


"I'm ready Mistress."


Juanita brought the cane down rather softly across both of Leons hands. She intended on building him slowly and wanted to establish his tolerance to pain without losing his interest by going too fast.


"Did you forget something slave?"


"Sorry Mistress I did forget. One thank you Mistress."


The next stroke was slightly harder but still quite light. This time Leon remembered to count.


"Two thank you Mistress."


"Three thank you Mistress."


"Four thank you Mistress."


"Five thank you Mistress."


"Six thank you Mistress."


"Very good slave you achieved that without so much as a grizzle, I'm impressed with your staying power. Now quickly, back into slave position."


The next step in your training is to gratefully receive a spanking. This can be a very rewarding experience if you are well mannered. I'm told I deliver and excellent spanking so you should feel a sense of honour at receiving it. When I command, you are to stand up, shake out any stiffness, walk to the trestle at the end of the dungeon and bend over it."


After Leon had carried out Juanita's instructions, she selected a pair of leather wrist cuffs and a matching pair of ankle cuffs. She secured Leon's ankles to the bottom of the near side of the trestle and his wrists to the bottom of the far side. No sooner was the fastening complete but Juanita began gentle slapping Leon's buttocks. Initially the slaps were gentle and the flurry lasting no more than ten or fifteen seconds then a rest break while Juanita gentle stroked the stricken area with slow gentle caresses with the tips of her fingers. The next bout was a flurry of slightly harder slaps lasting around thirty seconds terminated by more caressing. The spanking continued with slightly increasing intensity and length punctuated by gentle caressing, squeezing and massage. After about five minutes Juanita stood back, viewed her craftsmanship and said "Slave, your butt is beginning to light up like a Christmas tree."


"Yes Mistress, its tingling and vibrating."


No sooner had Leon spoke but Juanita again began slapping even harder than she had before. After another minute of harder slaps Leon spoke.


"Mistress may I please speak?"


"Yes if its important you may but make it brief."


"Mistress, I am new to this and I understand your first three rules but what I don't understand is why it feels so damn good when you slap me like this? It hurts like hell but it feels like magic."


"Slave," said Juanita "welcome to the intrigue of the world of discipline. How good does it feel?"


"Oh Mistress, please don't stop, please don't stop. It is so sweet Mistress."


With Juanita's vast experience, she knew at this point that Leon was a convert. She was pleased that she had taken his virginity and that she had witnessed the transformation from an interested bystander to an potential aficionado.


Juanita ended the slapping session in a test. The test was designed to establish whether or not Leon was a gentleman and knew his place as a slave. The results of which would determine how she handled there time together in future sessions. If Juanita knew that Leon had the control and restraint of a gentleman and well mannered slave she would be more liberal and sensual, on the other hand if Leon was all hands, she would necessarily be more strict.


As she knelt down to untie the wrist straps from the trestle, she deliberately brushed her flowing locks against Leon's shoulders and across his face. She could tell by the tensing that Leon was enjoying the closeness. As she finished releasing both of his hands, she flicked her hair exposing her magnificent breasts only centimetres away from Leons face.


"Your hands are free now slave. You may stand up." said Juanita as she thought "Don't do it. Don't grab me and over time the reward that you will reap will be ten fold. Don't do it."


As Leon slowly straightened his stiffened body, he was spell bound by the deliciousness of this temptress. His hands ached to touch Juanita's delicately soft, smooth skin; to feel the weight of her firm breasts; to feel the warmth of her breathe, to smell the perfume in her hair, to engage her strong but fun loving personality. These things Leon wanted but was too engrossed in the session to do anything but stand up and reaffirm his thanks for the spanking.


Juanita didn't say a word to Leon but as she unbuckled the ankle cuffs she thought to herself, "Good little slave, thank you for being a good boy, we will have so much more fun together now I know that. Well done little slave."


"Our time is almost at an end I'm afraid. My how the time goes quickly in this world of mystery and magic. When you have finished shaking out the stiffness you are to resume slave position."


Leon shook his arms and legs to rid the slight stiffness then immediately dropped in to slave position without speaking a word. Juanita sat on a large, padded chair and beckoned Leon to her.


"When we say goodbye to each other in the dungeon you may place your forehead on my knees."


"Thank you Mistress, thank you very much." said Leon as he so placed his head.


"Well little slave we have made a beginning but we have only just scratched the surface my little slave. I hope it was what you were looking for and it met your expectations. You may speak."


"Mistress, I honestly didn't know what to expect when I came here or even why I came. I can say though, I'm completely astounded that I lived the role of slave so totally over the past thirty minutes. It wasn't me acting a part, for that period I was a slave, I experience nervousness, foreboding, embarrassment and excitement and those feelings were real. This is an amazing world Mistress."


"You're right there, it is an amazing world. I'm pleased your experience was a positive one and I really hope I see you again little slave so we can explore this amazing world together in some greater detail."


"That is for certain Mistress and thanks very much for training me. You are a skilled and gracious teacher."


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