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Allure - 24/02/08 - Cassie



On Saturday night, I decided to go out for a punt (surprise, surprise!) and after a bit of pondering and still uncertain about what I really wanted, I headed West towards Parramatta Road, now with four establishments to choose from between Stanmore and Leichhardt if you don't count the fully Asian ones.




If you're coming from the city, they are Stiletto, Purrfection, Allure and Gateway Club. Before leaving home, I did look at the Stiletto website, plus I did call Allure and was told that Billie was on. Should I not have seen Billie only a few days before, I would've made a booking through the phone, but I decided not to and kept Billie as an option in case no-one tickled me fancy at the other venues. On the cards there was the other option of seeing Victoria at Stiletto for half hour, something I've done many times, and despite the lack of originality, it always does the trick. However, my first stop was at the brand new Purrfection. A car breakdown meant that they did not have the three girls who were coming from the Central Coast to work that night, so after having a bit of chat with the manager, I kept going to Stiletto.


Over there, it was a busy night; I only met four girls at the intro, and even when I considered booking Kaitlyn due to the good vibe she gave me, I kept going to Allure for Billie. Unfortunately my review of Billie had proven too good as a recommendation for my own sake, and Billie was practically booked out. I did manage to have a nice chat with Leeann the manager though, and she tipped me about a new girl starting on Sunday called Cassie. For some reason she thought she'd be my cup of tea, and she also thought that I would be a nice, considerate client for a girl's first day of work at a parlour… how deceiving appearances can be! LOL


Now, I trust this woman's recommendations, she's very savvy… and maybe when she doesn't know me that well to suggest exactly what I like (and that varies from time to time too), I saw this as a good opportunity, and hence I returned on the following night to meet Cassie.




Cassie is, as Leeann described her, a petite girl. She has brown hair with blonde highlights, natural C-cups, brown or hazel eyes, and you have to be aware that she's not fully shaven down there but neatly trimmed. She has a pleasant face and an overall girl next door look. Her age is hard to guess but I image she must be late twenties, early thirties.


I was served a drink and off we went to room two, which is the one I like since it has its own shower (whereas if you go to room one which is bigger, or room three which is smaller, for both of them, you'll have to have the shower at the end of the corridor). Cassie did a quick inspection and waited while I had a shower. Once I finished she let reception know for the clock to start ticking.


Despite that being Cassie's first day ever at a parlour (apparently she did a bit of private escort work years ago), she didn't look nervous at all. She let me undress her and I was complimented on my bra undoing skills (hey, after all this time, I'm getting good at it). Now, it was DFK from the start, and Cassie is very soft and very GFE like at this. Quite a contrast to Billie who is really wild and more a PSE type.


After applying a bit of lube on Little AJ, we did a bit of Italian sliding, something that woke him up completely and kept it on ready for the rest of the session; that was followed by DATY, and I have to say that Cassie is an enthusiastic recipient and again, I was complimented on my technique. After a fair bit of that, some more kissing and a little bit of teasing took place before it was time for Cassie to return the favour.


Now, here is where unfortunately I have to take some points away from what overall was a good experience. Cassie would play with Little AJ with her hand, but before putting the condom on, her mouth wouldn't come any lower than my belly button… no ball licking, no shaft teasing, not even air blowing like so masterfully Billie did a week before. Also the condom was fully applied with her hands, not with her mouth… okay, fair enough, first day at a parlour and everything is forgiven, including the fact that the CBJ went for only 5 seconds; but I do recommend Cassie to grab a cucumber to practice the condom applying technique on it… with her mouth, not with her hands!


Now, sex was actually pretty good. She first jumped on top and then we changed to doggy with her going flat for the final act. She was a quiet but enthusiastic participant by the nature of her movements. Everything was very girlfriend-like and that made it very easy for me to keep my preferred slowish rhythm and come right before the buzzer went off.


Provided Cassie improves her oral technique, she is quite recommendable because the rest was all pretty good. If you ever have a fantasy of shagging the girl next door or a petite office girl, she may perfectly fit the bill.


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