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Allure - 17/02/08 - Billie



I think I may have detected a problem in punting early on a Saturday afternoon. I saw the delightful Melissa Minova again and my weekend seemed like finished with a big bang… around 5:30pm, the time I left her apartment totally shagged by this sweet nymph. Yes, I know there were so many things I could have done in the rest of my weekend, but a state of happy trance kept me in a parallel universe until Sunday evening, when I started panicking about the weekend coming to an end… I just had to do something about it and the excitement and thrills of going for a quick punt presented themselves as the solution.




A mini renaissance of reviews about Club 121 made me think of paying them a visit and try Erin, from the land of the Leprechauns. I checked a review online and albeit a good one, nothing in that review indicated if the happy camper who wrote it has the same level of expectations that yours truly has (particularly considering the way I started my weekend, which would've been extremely unlikely to match with a quickie at a parlour).


For that reason, I thought of calling Allure before venturing to Club 121. Allure is a parlour that has never failed me. I have left without booking anyone many times but the times I've stayed, I have always had a great time. On top of that, when I called, the announced line-up of five girls sounded pretty good and so I headed towards Annandale instead.


One of the five girls was booked but the other four were available. Among them, an English lass called Victoria caught my attention, particularly her accent, even when looks were nice too; tallish, size 10, strawberry blonde. Since I wouldn't be charmed Leprechaun-style, I pondered being entertained by a damsel of the land of dragons instead… that was until Billie made her way into the intro-room. Wow!… a real Valkyrie!… a barbarian female warrior capable of turning into a Succubus in bed and give this tired and weakened son of Rome a good run for his money. She promised a sensual service and that confirmed her as the obvious choice.




Billie is 175 cm tall plus heels, broad shoulders, an athletic size 10 with C-cups, she has dark blond or light brown hair, green or blue eyes (they change apparently), she has the face of an angel and the lust and strength of many devils. She's probably in her twenties and even when she grew up in this country, she's originally from the Ukraine.


I originally intended to stay for only half hour, but I decided to go for 45 minutes instead. Opportunities like that don't eventuate everyday. I paid and Billie fetched me a drink. She led me up the stairs to Room 3. That's the smallest of Allure's 3 bedrooms and I've only been there once before. Its redness and style matched Billie's kimono. There was going to be an Asian theme for the night. Billie asked me to undress, put a red silky robe on me and gave her own shower gel for me to use in the bathroom at the end of the corridor. In the meantime, Billie killed the radio and put her own iPod-generated music on.


When I came back, I can't remember if she had any clothes on any longer but if she did they lasted the same on her that my wet towel did on me. She violently pulled it off, grabbed me by my dick and pulled me towards her. There was no doubt that she was the biggest sexual predator in the room. Little AJ and I tried to encourage each other, convince each other that we were up to the task. I tried to kiss her in my ever soft and romantic way, but she wasn't having any of that GFE crap. She avoided my kiss and seconds later pashed me with the same strength and speed of a snake attack… over and over while still keeping Little AJ prisoner. Everything she did became a cruel tease and this will continue well into the session.


When we moved to the bed, she was surprised that I took the initiative and I think that she allowed me for a while, just to see the things this simple mortal could attempt to do. I tried my best considering it was the end of the weekend. Went down with my head in between her long legs and made her really wet. I then turned her around, we applied a bit of lube on Little AJ and made him hard and strong with some sliding in between her butt cheeks while our big heads kissed each other… until my time was up, and her time started. It happens that Billie comes from a R'n'T background and apart from using large quantities of lube across different part of my body, everything is very visual orientated and an agonising tease.


She went on with a frontal body slide and some Spanish for Little AJ. She would bring it very close to her mouth and blow warm air. I had to beg her to either put it in her mouth or skip to the main course. She laughed and told me that she wanted to see me suffer a bit more, which she did. I was getting worried about time but for some reason time at Allure always works in a more generous way that at many other places; so my fear would be unfounded given that not only we had time to go through a few different positions but also for some nice pillow talk.


After a good CBJ, we started with some missionary at her request. Billie has the flexibility of a gymnast and she would put her legs over my shoulders as I pumped away. After a bit of that we changed to doggy and I can tell that she really enjoyed this, while we both looked at the action on the wall mirror next to the bed. As I was running out of energy, I asked her to go flat on her tummy, we held hands, pashed, and finished that way minutes later. A great way to end a fantastic sexually charged weekend.


Billie was a very unexpected surprise, and if you like strong athletic women, more PSE than GFE, she is a must see. Just call before you go, to see when she's on as she doesn't have a regular roster yet. Make sure you've taken all your vitamins before you dare! :)


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