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Gateway Club - 28/01/08 - Veronica



With the long weekend ahead of me, punting was a given.




Or so I thought. On Friday, still undecided about a location for the crime, it was time to have a shave. It's amazing how a tiny thing like a small pimple located between your nose and your mouth can alter your plans so much, particularly when the razor blade did not discriminate between it and facial hair. A small cut that kept bleeding and even after it stopped, it wouldn't disappear until Monday.


I actually thought that I wouldn't be punting at all this long weekend but by end of it, I felt like I had to before facing another week at work. An inspection of my face on the mirror gave me the green light to finally go ahead.


I thought it was time to revisit Jenna at Allure, but this one wasn't around. On Sunday night they told me about another girl over the phone but by the time I got there on Monday evening, this one wasn't working either. Knowing the picky bastard I am, the receptionist at Allure guessed that she didn't have anyone for me, and upon quick descriptions I realised she was right.


I decided to give Stiletto a miss despite the proximity from where I was, and went the other way towards the Gateway Club. When I got there it looked like a quiet evening. I was introduced to around five girls but one called Veronica did a very good intro. After introducing each other, she asked me if I had any questions, and I asked her what kind of service she provided. She said that if I had something in mind to mention it. When I asked, "Do you kiss?"… she smiled and replied: "Oh, yes, of course!"… (I think she was expecting other sort of questions involving other fetishes, and was somehow relieved by the vanilla nature of mine).


What I haven't told you yet, is that Veronica is a mature WL, older than the girls I normally see. She was wearing a very elegant black dress and I could easily picture her at a cocktail party as the wife of some of my workmates. Without knowing if that's the case at all, I could also picture her as an Eastern suburbs mum doing something very naughty. Her friendly approach, my twisted fantasy and the hope that years of experience would've given her a certain edge over younger colleagues, made me book her for 45 min. at $230.




If I had to describe Veronica's features, I'd say, she's a size 10+, tallish, light brown hair, green or blue eyes, pleasant face, enhanced D-cups, pale skin and fully shaven where it matters.


She guided me to one of the rooms downstairs and asked me to have a shower. After that and a little chitchat, it became clear that Veronica has been doing that job for a couple of weeks only. Therefore, with no edge of knowledge given by years of experience, all it remained was a friendly woman, which by the same token, enhanced my MILF fantasy even more. However, it became also obvious that I would need to lead the action.


Veronica asked me to lay down and she applied a bit of lube to Little AJ with the intention of waking him up; she was also reaching for the condom, but that's when I told her that it was too early for that. Instead I kissed her, and gradually made my way down until I reached her nicely waxed vagina, which I licked and sucked until it got completely wet. After that, I went up for more kissing and I turned her around for some Italian on her. I have to say that she looked really worried when I asked her to turn around and for a little bit of lubricant. I assured her that Little AJ wasn't planning to go inside… "Right, Little AJ?"… "I said, right Little AJ?"… "Yeah, yeah, whatever" replied an unenthusiastic Little AJ. She really stroke me like the kind of woman who would completely panic, should Little AJ have taken more attributions than agreed, so I was really careful. After a little while she relaxed and started loving what she described as a great massage. So everyone was happy, including Little AJ, who was very hard by the end of it. She then grabbed a condom and gave me a decent CBJ; her technique was all right but the rubber was so thick that we were undoing the good result achieved with the butt sliding. So we continued with the main course.


I asked her to jump on top, which she did a bit reluctantly, and she was right, not much rhythm or movement achieved that way. As we were in the process of changing to missionary, the buzzer went off. "No way!"… and no way it was, Veronica had taken the time of the start of the session and kindly let know reception that I had booked for 45 minutes, not thirty (and even for thirty that'd been short!).


Anyway, with reception's mistake amended, we continued with missionary, but I have to say that the buzzer interrupted any erotic vibe created, so I asked Veronica to change to my preferred coming position (caterpillar position or lazy doggy or the girl lying on her tummy with her legs together). After a few minutes I came and that was basically it. With the uncertainty about the actual time passed, we had the respective final showers and kissed goodbye.


On my way out, I saw a girl I wouldn't mind returning for; unfortunately I have no idea of her name. As for Veronica, I'll say that she's very friendly and classy; unfortunately not very experienced nor very erotic, but if you're in a certain frame of mind like I was on the night, she may certainly fit the bill.


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