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Private (NSW) - 18/01/08 - Melissa Minova



What a gorgeous and lovely girl!… I finally met her!


When Melissa was working at Stiletto as Annalise, said establishment put up a few pictures of her on their website and when I saw them, I was not only captivated by her looks, but I also had the distinct impression that she was in fact a friend of mine. Some of the written description matched very well too.




Naturally, booking her at Stiletto just to find out wasn't the smartest move one could have made. The suspicion went on for months and around July/August last year I went through a period when I was so depressed that little really mattered to me any more. So I had the second dumbest idea and started showing up at Stiletto during Annalise's shifts hoping to meet her at an intro and play the part of the surprised when confronted with my friend. With my typical male imagination, I was convinced that after the surprise, embarrassment and giggles, a passionate session would've taken place anyway; moreover, a great hot sweaty session because we were friends already. I would have promised not to say anything to anyone and that would have been "our little secret". A plan very well devised… by Little AndyJ, not me!


However, destiny kept playing tricks on us (Little AJ and me), and Annalise would be always booked out or running late, so indefinitely late that receptionists at Stiletto would never give me an idea of how long any wait would've been. I started suspecting of the security cameras and about my friend being able to spot me through them.


Around that time, Annalise suddenly left Stiletto, and since I had been asking about her in the forum, a former client of hers got in touch with me. After a brief exchange of PMs, it became quite clear that Annalise was definitely not the same person as my friend. I was slightly disappointed and had to admit that the whole saga was in the end a very bizarre series of coincidences that the planets had aligned for us.


Curiously, with the idea of my friend being a WL and shagging her out of my system, the fascination for the real Annalise remained with me for some reason, and as I (and many people in the forum) were wondering about her whereabouts, by fluke I happened to see an ad for a private girl, called Annalise and everything, including her pictures matched the one from Stiletto. I battled my phone phobia and called her. After confirming this was the same Annalise, I made a booking for the last available slot she had before going on holidays. She was curious as to who I was since I seemed to have a similar amount of info to what a former client would have, but obviously I did not try to explain all this over the phone. On the morning of the day of my booking, but well ahead of it, Annalise contacted me apologising that she had to take off earlier and to contact her at her return.


Time went by, I too went on holidays, came back from holidays… and in the meantime, Annalise had reinvented herself as Melissa, now she had a website and also her fees had gone up and above my league. More time went by, until the other day she signed up as a member in the forum and we did contact each other. She kindly let me know that since I had booked her before she changed her prices, the old fees still applied to me. It took me like a whole second to book her again.




On the night of my booking, I went to Melissa's apartment in the CBD, and I called her on arrival to find out the unit's number. She told me and I keyed the number in but for some reason she did not get the buzz and while trying to sort that out, my mobile phone's signal died. A person walked in, and not only let me in with her but also she was coming to the same floor. Once upstairs, I looked for the flat's number and I knocked at the door expecting some sort of sweet female reply from behind the door. A few seconds went by and there was no answer; I knocked again and with relief I heard some noise coming from inside. The door was opened and I was greeted by… a bloke in shorts!


"Oh Gosh… I got the number wrong!" I thought, and in the meantime I did apologise to him for obviously knocking at the wrong door. Now, maybe my apology was a bit too automatic that he asked me who I was looking for…


AndyJ: "Oh no, I'm after a girl called Melissa"

Bloke: "Yes, this is Melissa's place… I am her fiancé"

AndyJ: "Oh… right… I see… I think we're not talking about the same Melissa"

Bloke: " Irish girl about this size?" (Gesticulates short size)

AndyJ: "Oh, no, no. This girl is Australian… taller than me" (Bullshit… but trying to get myself out of there as quickly as possible)… "I'm sure I got the number wrong, sorry!"


I have to say that he remained pretty much unconvinced I was not talking about his Melissa; apart from the name, I needed to know the flat number and somehow make my way through a full security building, including access to the lift. But as with everything else in my road to meeting Melissa, the real one, the Gods have been having some serious fun at my expense.


(So mate, if you happen to be that bloke, your fiancée is not cheating on you… at least not with me!)




Still a bit embarrassed by the event, I tried the only other number phonetically close enough to be the correct one, and it was. I was very happy when I heard a lovely female voice through the door. I was even happier when Melissa opened the door and I realised that she is indeed gorgeous. Maybe, after all this time, the Gods had decided to reward me after having their fun.


I know that this sounds like the most used of clichés, but the pictures she has on her website do not make her justice in the least. I even commented this to her. While undoubtedly the pics are hers, these show a girl who could be a size 12 with a huge soft bum… however, reality is quite different, she is a petite girl, maybe a size 8 or 10 tops, with a killer small yet bubble shaped bum, solid as a rock! She is blonde with blue eyes and has B cups. Funnily enough, her Stiletto photos are a much closer depiction of the truth. She was very elegantly dressed (don't ask me exactly what she was wearing, I'm a bloke after all!) but the overall effect was a very sexy and classy one.


Looks would be nothing if the personality was not on par, but in Melissa's case it takes one second to feel at ease… plus we had so much to talk about; over a drink, I had to give her the short version of everything written above, hoping that she eventually would read all details here.


After business and shower behind us, we met in the bedroom; this time Melissa already in lovely lingerie. She had some toys nearby and was a bit concerned that she was running out of batteries but I let her know that we wouldn't be needing any toys. We started pashing and those lips of hers are good enough to eat, but don't take literally… I'm simply talking about soft, gentle, intoxicating DFK. In the meantime we got rid of her lingerie and kept playing with other parts of our bodies. She was taking an active and enthusiastic role but just a look at her freshly shaved, perfectly designed cunt (in the beautiful sense of the word!) made me go down and not abandon until my face was covered in cum.


Melissa was very grateful yet unnecessarily concerned about my own pleasure, so she decided to engulf Little AJ with her lips and give me a long wet blowjob. She started with the balls, continued by teasing the shaft, and finally took the full head inside. Little AJ thought that Christmas had come earlier this year and he was in Heaven. Melissa offers a perfect balance of GFE and PSE, the latter being most visible when she looks at you in the eyes while delivering a great BJ. She certainly knows how to handle her body so you get a perfect view of what goes on too.


Sparks of PSE were also evident when she received Little AJ for some sliding in between her butt cheeks. Most girls take a somewhat passive role at that, but Melissa puts her rock solid bum to perfect use, grabbing the shaft of your penis with her butt cheeks and stroking it with the ease of a handjob, yet producing a much more erotic result. If I didn't come by doing that, it simply was because I didn't want to stop the fun.


With Little AJ at full height, she put a condom on with her mouth and she sat on top for some cowgirl action, grabbing my chest with strength and me caressing her nipples. We then changed to missionary where deeper penetration was possible, and kissing too. However, as I felt that Little AJ was about to erupt, we changed to doggy for more pounding and finally my finishing position with her flat on her tummy and with her legs together. This way not only we could kiss again but I could also feel the warm wetness in between her legs. The orgasm was long and intense; I was exhausted and drenched in sweat. I had a quick shower and went back to bed where Melissa was awaiting me for a relaxing massage, which certainly took us well past the hour and I had another quick shower before Melissa kissed me good-bye.


Needless to say, I certainly recommend Melissa and I'll be seeing her myself again as soon as I can. I have never received a service remotely close to that at Stiletto, so it maybe was a very good thing that I never got to meet her there in the end. In this life, everything happens for a reason, whether we are aware of it or not. :)

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Posted by: AndyJ 16th February, 2008 - 07:11pm


I treated myself again to another hour with this babe today. No need for a new review as her beauty and service remain the same, well above average. I also find her very down to Earth and quite funny too... the whole combination could make her seriously addictive.

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