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My first ever forum post and reviews



I'm feeling nostalgic and thinking about life as a newbie on adult review forums. It was intimidating but groovy and exciting at the same time. I might start a thread on it to help other newbies out and get others to share their experiences. Could be a groovy idea but who knows.


Anyway, have decided to post 2 of the first contributions I made (on FIA) on my way along the punting brick road. In looking back at them I noticed I only got 1 reply for each of them. In the SCI review Stiffy said he liked my style. (God bless him). In the second it was the man himself, AndyJ. He said it was great and very entertaining. Nice comments but I was admittedly a bit deflated. I kept on groovin' though as I know no other way. The rest is history.


Southern Comfort - 25/8/08 - 12pm Jazzy O show (Review by grooovypants)


Heya punters,


First post here so be groovy with me......I was on the road yesterday and feeling like a bit of groove juice - you know the feeling. I noticed the time grooving up to 12pm and after reading reviews on FIA I thought I could definitely quench my thirst at Citrus St. Where else and yes, pun unfortunately intended :rolleyes: Also knew that Jazzy would be performing and had to check it for myself. It's one thing to read a review but another actually experiencing the show.


Paid my cash and sat down while we waited to go to room 1 for the show. Despite a big crowd I noticed there was no groovy vibe or buzz. More on that later. Anyway, Jazzy gets introduced and enters with her bag of goodies. There's some good descriptions of the show already on here so won't waste time repeating the same. Want to highlight a few things though. I was very impressed with Jazzy. She had a great attitude, always smiling and was eager to please. And impeccable manners let me tell you. Always had a towel on hand so that other punters could wipe the oil or cream off. Really impressed with that and shows she is true professional. For me the highlight was the finale with the cone. Absolutely magnificent. Bob Dylan sung that the answer is blowing in the wind but I would have to say the answer is definitely blowing in Jazzy's flaps. Say no more if I am allowed to say that. What disappointed me though was the crowd and the lack of a groovy vibe I mentioned at outset. Jazzy deserved better too. For me the lack of a decent reading on the groovometer soured it a bit for me. Other thing i noticed was the lack of insertion abilities by some of the punters who were offered cameos in the show. It's not as if you can miss with Jazzy and I say that with all respect.


During the show unsure.gif I notice this WL and think to myself very groovy indeed. I later find out it's Clarissa who along with Lani (happy to be corrected if wrong) are doing the bubble show. Not my cup of chamomile really. Clarissa was doing a good job of it but noticed Lani seemed distant and indifferent - like she didnt want to be there. Disappointing for me. Had to leave before the next show so dont know if things would have picked up for me. Apart from Clarissa, someone else caught my eye so might be back to SCI when I need some regroovinating.


Could have just been a bad day although I do reckon the crowd makes a huge difference. It is said if at first you don't succeed, groove , groove again. For $20 entry which then doubles up as a voucher you can't really go wrong and complain too much.


Stay groovy and thanks for hearing me out.


AABS180 [now the Montecito] - 1X/09/08 - Rebecca (very groovy)


Big, big night out with the boys after work and when I arrived back at my hotel room thought I would treat myself to an adventure. Got out the phone directory, scanned the pages and ventured on down to AABS. It was either that or Cleos but had no clue or how far that was. Went downstairs, hailed a cab and continued on my adventure down the yellow brick road. I arrived at the premises but before entering noticed Purely Blue across the road. Having read a few FIA reviews I decided not to chance getting hit by a car or getting swept up by a tornado. I kept on following the following the yellow brick road I was on and made my through the gates of Emerald city. The place was empty and not a wicked witch in sight. Saw the good witch behind the counter and I asked how many munchkins, oops I mean WLs were on for the night. Got the big high five and thought yes, the numbers are in my favour and I might get back to Kansas after all.


I thought back to last few intros I had and recollected I took it quite seriously and was possibly was a bit too picky. This time I relaxed, decided to smile and be really friendly and groovy. Wasn’t looking for a stunner but someone who I thought would be fun and could have a laugh with.


Out came the WLs one by one. Now I do apologise in advance for not remembering their names but my memory receptors weren’t at their best. I do however have the following clear recollections as they paraded in and out – no real stunners (not that there’s anything wrong with that), a couple of Medusas, and some that made an attempt but seemed disinterested. Bec was 4th on the menu – 25ish, 5’6, blonde, C cup, cheeky look, and happy. Two other bonuses – she was attractive and able to converse in the intro. Got a great groovy vibe from her, noted her name and went through the parading ritual to finality.


The good witch behind the counter asked me for my selection – Bec – that’s the way uhuh uhuh I like it, uhuh uhuh. Paid my cash, got reacquainted with my date and headed off to the room. Couple of flaws here though fellow punters on my part. Firstly, forgot to ask about the buzzer and when it kicked in. More importantly I should have taken into account that Groovezilla, due to big night out on my part was way back in the cave in deep, deep hibernation.


The room was well appointed and spacious as you would well expect in Emerald City. Actually I was expecting a dive so was pleasnatly surprised. Received a thorough inspection from Bec who then started up the shower for me. Dried off and got into position on the bed. The entrée was nipple and chest licking. She was going quite slowly and under normal circumstances wouldn’t usually worry. I was however worried about Groovezilla and awakening the giant within and asked Bec to make a detour to Groovezilla’s cave. She found the little fella in a semi comatosed state and tried to revive him with mouth to mouth. At times he responded and at times he flat lined. This went on for a while and just when Groovezilla was coming back from the ice age the buzzer rang. Yep, you guessed it, I only booked for ½ an hour. Said I’d go extra but had to complete the transaction – otherwise Groovezilla would be extinct. The wait annoyed me but hey, it was my stupidity in end.


Chapter 2 commenced and we moved positions. Previously in starfish mode we were now in a sideways 69 if you can call it that. Asked about DATY and was told it was extra. I thought nah, on principle, but it’s only when you have a gorgeous looking and a sweet smelling pussy in your face you realise how stupid you can be in the choices you sometimes make. Notwithstanding got a few licks in. Bec made a dildo appear and magically asked me to oblige. How could I say no.


Back at the cave Groovezilla finally saw the light of day. I could feel him stirring and growing in stature. Asked Bec to hop on Groovezilla for a ride just in case he wanted to meditate again. No need to worry though as Bec won him over with her smooth technique. I finally came but cos I had a few too many it wasn’t like an explosion. It was that warm hot chocolate kind of feeling that travels inside you and it felt great.


Settled into a lovely massage with some more conversation until the buzzer rang. Like Groovezilla I could have quite easily found myself in deep hibernation.


All in all a great experience and would go back. Wiser and sober though. Bec is very groovy and had no regrets in my selection.


Thanks for listening to my adventure punters but gotta get back to Kansas now.




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