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Mystery Woman Symphony in Four Movements



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1st Movement - Overture


Trumpets sound the approach of a goddess


Timpani announce entrance to her lacy realm


She enters her domain and smiles, hearts melt


Breathless subject entranced on couch


Hand in royal hand


Violins double their tempo inviting lips to mesh


A duet of flutes playing fiery arpeggios commanding the clash of tongues


A recognisable joy is restored to a commoner's world




2nd Movement - Sustain


Breasts unleashed


Adorned with nipples of unimaginable beauty


Reclining, available, nipples suckled and kissed in worship


A solitary, swirling saxophone directs the commoner to a fork in the road


The harp plays rising and falling scales in time with her breathing


A persistent, breathy flute sweetens the melody


Quicker and quicker until the horns moan a undeniable release


Violins and flutes again


Violins and flutes carry the day




3rd Movement - Crescendo


The double bass keeps steady time to sustains a harp with rising tempo


Violins and flutes still underpin the melody


Faster and faster, higher and higher


French horn standing hard by


A one bar rest










The music plays again, and again, and ....










Complete silence


Except for a gentle quartet of lazy violins and flutes


Soothing the sweaty, happy ensemble




4th Movement - Finale


Almost atonal but with its own intrigue


Occasional enduring violin - pizzicato, flutes retired anon


Falling rain and tubular bells


Background chatter


Mocking moods of warmth


Declare sadder times ahead


The orchestra has gone


As joy is removed from a commoner's world


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